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Big Idea: Communicating

How do writers think of what to write?

Big Idea: Teaching Visual TV Literature Texts

What techniques do creators of TV film texts use?

Big Idea: Critical Reading of Texts

How do creators of texts influence readers and viewers?

Big Idea: Critiquing Texts

How does considering content and perspective help readers understand more? 

How is language used to describe the setting in texts? 

Big Idea: Using Literacy in Different Ways for Different Purposes

How can I use different ways of engaging with texts? 

How do authors plan their stories?

Big Idea: Structure and Language Features of a Newspaper Report

How can I write an effective and unbiased newspaper report?

Big Idea: Creative Writing (Year 3)

How do writers think of ideas for their stories? 

How do writers develop their characters? 

How do writers choose words to make their writing interesting? 

Big Idea: Learning from Literature – Exploring Grammar

How do writers express and develop their ideas?

Big Idea: Responding to Stories and Characters

How are characters portrayed in different ways?

Big Idea: Story Writing

How do stories vary depending on the purpose and the intended audience?

Big Idea: Sustainability

How can I help to make the world a better place?

How can we work together to reduce our impact on the environment?

Big Idea: Literature and Culture

How is story, song, dance and music used to preserve indigenous culture?

How are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures represented throughout Australia?

Big idea: Poetry

What types of literary devices are used in poetry and to what effect?  

What type of poetry do I enjoy? 

Health & Physical Education

Big Idea: Understanding Movement

What are movement sequences? 

How can I use a mixture of movements to keep healthy?

Big Idea: Problem Solving

How do I solve a problem?

Is there only one answer to a problem?

Will I have warning signs? 

Big Idea: Help and Support in an Online World

What support services are available and what do they offer? 

Big Idea: Physical Activity in the Online World

How can we be creative with our physical activity?

How can integrate physical activity and online learning?

Big Idea: Healthy Lifestyles

How can I make healthy lifestyle choices?

Big Idea: Movement and Physical Activity (Years 3-4)

What are the different ways I can perform movement sequences?

Big Idea: Movement and Physical Activity (Years 5-6)

How can I use specialised movement skills in movement sequences and games?

Big Idea: Rhythmic movement is calming

How can we use our body to keep ourselves calm?

How can we use our body to help us learn our spelling words?

Humanities and Social Sciences

Big Idea: Australia’s neighbours (Year 3)

Who are Australia’s neighbours?

Big Idea: Events that make Communities Unique (Year 3)

What is the difference between celebration and commemoration?

Does Australia Day have a significance for all Australians?...

Big Idea: Significant Events in the Community (Year 3)

Why do we commemorate ANZAC Day?

Big Idea: Identity (Year 4)

What is Australian identity?

What does it mean to be Australian?

How has Australian Identity changed over time?

Big Idea: Events shaping communities (Year 5)

How significant was the Gold Rush in shaping Australia as a colony?

Big Idea: Moving People Changing Places (Year 6)

Who were the people who came to Australia? Why did they come?
What contribution have significant individuals and groups made to the development of Australian society?

Big Idea: Sourcing and Analysing Information-Natural Disasters

How is language used to express fact and opinion?

Big Idea: Eureka Stockade (Year 5)

How have key figures, events and values shaped Australian society, its system of government and citizenship?

What impact did the Eureka Stockade have on the Australian democracy?

Big Idea: Anzac Day (Year 6)

How has the Anzac legend shaped Australia?

Big Idea: Federation (Year 6)

Why did the people of Australia decide to join as a nation?

Big Idea: Bushfires (Year 5)

How do bushfires impact people and places?

Big Idea: Places and Spaces

Can we design the future city of Adelaide in Minecraft? 

Big Idea: Sustaining Environments (Year 4)

How does Australia’s environment compare to Africa and South America’s environments?

What actions can we take in our life to respond to an environmental challenge?

Big Idea: Human Impact on the Environment (Year 5/6)

In what ways do people change the natural environment?

How do different communities manage environmental issues?

Big Idea: First Fleet (Year 4)

What was life like before the arrival of the First Fleet in Australia?

Why did they come here?

How was life different after ...

Big Idea: Colonial Australia (Year 5)

What was colonial life in Australia like in the 1850s?

Big Idea: Australia’s Ethnic Diversity (Year 3)

What is diversity? 
How diverse is Australia?
How diverse is my community?


Big Idea: Relationships (Years 3-4)

What makes my family relationships unique?

What activities do we do together?

What do we have in common? What makes us different?

Big Idea: Colours and Emotions

How can we represent our emotions?

Big Idea: Maximising Curriculum Time

How can teachers increase students’ memory retention times and maximise the amount of time on task for students of languages?

Big Idea: Self, identity, bilingualism, fluency

How would you write a basic self-introduction in Chinese?

Big Idea: Identity, values, culture, understanding, responsibility

How would we research, explore and understand the relationship between culture and land for Australia’s First Peoples?

Big Idea: Celebration, culture/s, understanding, appreciation

How do Vietnamese people celebrate and commemorate their Festivals?

Big Idea: Cooperation, digital media, bilingualism, fluency

How would you create a personal dictionary to learn and remember Chinese for numbers or greetings or other topics?

Non-Language Specific

Non-language specific educational websites and tools for online learning and teaching 

Big Idea: Self-introduction in French

What would students say if they had to introduce themselves in French by recording themselves using an app that is familiar to them?

Big Idea: My community

How has my community changed and / or remained the same over time and what role have people of diverse cultural and / or linguistic backgrounds played in the development and character of my local community?

Big Idea: Celebrating food through Festivals around the world

How and why do people celebrate food festivals around the world?

What are the possible meanings and origins of some of these festivals?


Big Idea: Algebraic Reasoning (Year 3)

How might addition, subtraction and multiplication be used to explore and create patterns?

Big Idea: Measurement Concepts (Year 3)

How might we use linear measurement in our world? 

Big Idea: Measurement Concepts (Year 4)

How might we use perimeter and area in our daily lives? 

Big Idea: Algebraic Reasoning (Year 4)

How might I explain how patterns grow? 

Big Idea: Measurement Concepts (Year 5)

Why is area and perimeter an important part of measurement? 

Big Idea: Algebraic Reasoning (Year 5)

How might we solve problems using our knowledge of patterns and algebraic thinking?

Big Idea: Measurement Concepts (Year 6)

How can we use our knowledge of area and perimeter to design spaces? 

Big Idea: Algebraic Reasoning (Year 6)

How might we use generalisations to explore algebraic rules? 

Big Idea: Exploring Data Analysis (Years 3 and 4)

How does representing data in different ways allow us to make sense of our world?

Big Idea: Exploring Data Analysis (Years 5-6)

How might we use data analysis to make informed decisions?

Big Idea: Number and Algebraic Reasoning (Years 3-6)

How can we explore number and algebraic reasoning through the theme of Christmas?

Big Idea: Measurement and Geometry (Years 3-6)

How can we explore measurement and geometric reasoning through the theme of Christmas?

Religious Education

Resourcing the Religious Education Learning Area

Audience: Teachers

Principles and checklists for the selection of appropriate and quality resources for Religious Education in a Catholic school.

Sample Units for Online R.E. Learning

Audience: Teachers

Catholic Education South Australia has created sample R.E. units for online learning. These have been designed using content from the Crossways Religious Education Curriculum.

Brisbane Catholic Education

Audience: Teachers

This quality website from Brisbane Catholic Education offers a range of resources for planning R.E. curriculum.


Audience: Families, Students and Teachers

This website offers a multitude of resources for Religious Education with a focus on social justice and Catholic Social Teaching.

Catholic Education Melbourne - REsource

Audience: Teachers

Curriculum and prayer resources that align with the Crossways Curriculum 5 Knowledge Strands.

Godly Play Scripture Resource

Audience: Teachers

Online resources to support Scriptural texts being told using Godly Play.

Together at One Altar

Audience:  Families, Classroom

Online and interactive website exploring features of the Mass and Seasons of the Church.

Teaching Judaism

Audience: Teachers, Students, Families

This website offers information and resources to teach Judaism.

Bible Gateway

Audience: Students, Teachers

Bible Gateway has a variety of online Bible translations.

Loyola Press

Catholic resources to support prayer and the seasons of the Church year.

Visible Thinking

Visible Thinking routines and explanations.  

Flame of Faith

A website from the Catholic Archdioceses of Brisbane with information and useful videos about the Sacraments of the Church. 

Busted Halo

Media resources to help people understand the Catholic faith. 

Questions for 3 Worlds of the Text

Questions for 3 Worlds of the Text with Scripture.  

Scripture for Teachers

This website provides commentaries for several Scriptural passages aligned to the Three Worlds of the Text method of interpreting Scripture. 

The Bible Project

This is an animation studio that produces short-form, fully animated Bible videos and other Bible resources.

Worlds of the Text

This is the direct link to the 3 Worlds of the Text commentaries for use with Scripture on the Brisbane Catholic Education site. 

General Resources for Advent and Christmas

This is a collection of resources for use during Advent and Lent. 

Audience: (Families, Classroom, Teacher)

The Christ Child: A Nativity Story

Audience: Teacher, Families, 3-6, 7-10

Scriptural Christmas Movies

Short clips that tell the birth of Jesus directly from the Gospel of Luke


Big Idea: There Are a Variety of Relationships in Our World (Year 3)

How are living things related?

How are non-living things related?...

Big Idea: Science helps us to understand our world (Year 3)

How does science help people such as nurses, doctors, dentists, mechanics and gardeners?

What is coronavirus and what...

Big Idea: Whenever there is an interaction between two objects, there is a force (Year 4)

What is a force?  How are forces created?  What effects forces?

Big Idea: Systems Show The Interconnection Between Things
(Year 4)

What are the interconnections between living things?...

Big Idea: Light Forms Shadows (Year 5)

What causes a shadow?

Can light be absorbed, reflected or refracted?

Can light pass through objects?

Big Idea: There Are Many Cause and Effect Relationships Around Us (Year 5)

How does the structure of a material affect the way it behaves?

How do the adaptations of living...

Big Idea: Changes Can Be Classified In Different Ways (Year 6)

Can changes to materials be reversed?

Can there be change in the different types of energy?...

Big Idea: The growth and survival of living things are affected by physical conditions of their environment
(Year 6)

Does the physical environment...

Big Idea: Chemical Change (Year 3)

How can we explain the difference between solids and liquids? 

How are solids or liquids influenced by temperature? 

What will happen if…? 

What are some ways to record what we see happening?

Big idea: Chemical Science (Year 4)

What are the properties of natural and processed materials that make them useful for packaging? 

How can I design an effective package that will protect a fragile gift during the delivery process?


Big Idea: Collaboration and Protocols

How can we program a computer to solve a problem or create a solution?

Big Idea: Digital Solutions

How can we program a computer to solve a problem or create a solution?

Big Idea: Digital Systems

How do we use digital systems for a purpose?

Big Idea: Data

How can we represent data in different ways?

What different types of data can we collect and how can we use this data to solve problems?

Big Idea: Forces

How might you create your own Rube Goldberg machine?

Big Idea: Sustainability

Tiny homes are becoming very popular for people wanting to reduce their carbon footprint. If you could design a tiny home with a low carbon footprint for your family what would it look like?

STEM Competitions and Challenges

The Australian STEM Video Game Challenge, Oliphant Science Awards, Global Cardboard Challenge, Minecraft Education Classroom Build Challenges, Commissioner’s Digital Challenge: Learn to ...

Big Idea: Food and Fibre Production

How might we collect suitable materials for composting at home to improve recycling and reduce waste?

Big Idea: Engineering Design Process

How might we engineer a tree top obstacle course?

Big Idea: Engineering Design Process

How can we invent a sport or game to be played whilst maintaining social distancing?

The Arts

Big Idea: Australian Indigenous Art (Years 3 and 4)

How can I use visual conventions to represent ideas?

Big Idea: Australian Indigenous Art (Years 3 and 4)

How can I share ideas about my family through art?

Big Idea: Creating and Performing Using Stories, Poetry or Pictures (Years 3 to 6)

How can dance express ideas, feelings for different audiences and purposes?

Big Idea: Visual Storytelling
(Years 3 to 6)

How can I communicate my thoughts, ideas and emotions through photography?

How can I use my photography...

Big Idea: Design a Magazine Cover (Years 3 to 6)

What techniques are used for designing of a magazine cover to encourage a target audience to buy a copy?

Big Idea: Following a Design Brief to Take Photographs (Years 3 to 6)

How can I communicate my thoughts, ideas and emotions through photography?...

Big Idea: Crafting Stories For Drama (Years 3 to 6)

How can I make my stories more interesting?

How can I create interesting characters for my stories?

Big Idea: Elements of Music (Years 3 to 6)

What are the key elements of music?

Big Idea: Creating and Sharing Music Remotely (Years 3 to 6)

How do musicians use technology to collaborate remotely?

Big Idea: Making and Responding to Artworks Using Puppetry

What features and ideas in drama come from other cultures, times and places?
Why do people make and respond to drama?

The Arts Remote Learning Pack Years 5 - 6

How can I continue my learning in the Arts during COVID remote learning at home?

Year 3 to Year 6 Learning Resources

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