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Choosing a school

There are a number of ways you can research a school to ensure you choose one that suits your family and your children.

Word of mouth and recommendations from others can feature strongly in the decision making and school choice. You might like to ask others about their experience in a school. As they get older, students will also have a voice. 

You can also check out the school's web site to see what is offered or visit the school – either through an appointment, an Open Day or a school tour. It is recommended to always see the school for yourself.

What to consider when choosing a school

There are many factors to consider when selecting a school. These include a school’s strengths and curriculum, as well as the needs and learning style of your child.

Here are some points to consider:

  • Learning programs
  • Location
  • Cost
  • Values
  • Culture and community
  • Parent engagement opportunities
  • Out of School Hours Care (OSHC), which can make life easier for working parents

The best way to learn more about a school is to ask questions. Below are some to get you started.

Visit your local Catholic school

By far the best way to learn more about a school is to take a tour with the school Principal or attend an open day.

Most schools offer regular tours or tours at set times each week or term. Others prefer to offer one-on-one tours by appointment. 

Book a tour to discover how a Catholic school will help your child discover a love or learning and values for life.

10 questions to ask when choosing a school

  1. Does the school fit the needs of my child?
  2. Does the school have a particular mission or philosophy that underpins its learning?
  3. How is technology used to support teaching and learning at the school?
  4. What extracurricular opportunities are available?
  5. How does the school support student wellbeing?
  6. How does the school deal with issues raised by students or parents?
  7. How is religious education taught?
  8. What subject choice is available?
  9. How does the school support the individual learning and capability of each student?
  10. How does the school communicate with families and what opportunities are available for parent engagement?

It is worth asking questions of the principal, staff and current school families. A principal can share the direction and ethos of a school. Current school families will give you a more grassroots perspective.

Enrolment timing

Some schools accept enrolment applications well ahead of the starting date so it is recommended to begin your search as early as possible. Visit the school’s web site or phone them directly to be informed of the circumstances at your school of choice. 

There is also two Reception intakes each year in January and July for you to consider depending on when your child was born.

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