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28 Mar 2024
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2024 Mid-Year Intake – Free Tuition

Reception students who join a 2024 mid-year intake at a Diocesan Catholic school will get free tuition in Terms 3 and 4.

This initiative of the South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools (SACCS) aims to reduce the financial burden on families.

All Diocesan schools will offer the 2024 Term 3 Reception intake to parents free of charge. The free intake will include tuition fees and compulsory charges. It will exclude uniforms and extra-curricular costs.

The South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools is also encouraging separately governed schools to offer the tuition waiver.

The announcement stems from the 2020 Making Catholic Education More Affordable initiative.

That year, the structure of every Catholic Primary School in the State was reviewed with all schools reducing their fees for 2021. These schools also introduced a lower income fee that incorporates a near-standardised 40% discount off the full fee for all qualifying fee payers.

The reduced fees and lower income fee have continued into 2022, 2023 and now 2024.

“This decision is part of our continued response as we seek to support families at a time when they are being financially impacted by the effects of rising living costs and inflation. The free mid-year Reception initiative has been extremely popular in previous years, so we are delighted to be offering it again in 2024.” says Dr McGoran, Executive Director, Catholic Education South Australia.

“We remain committed to ensuring our schools are accessible for all families seeking a Catholic education for their children, as well as focusing on improving educational and wellbeing outcomes for every student in our schools.”

Learn more about the free mid-year intake here.

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