Inquiry Question

Nationwide every year thousands of students end up with injuries due to heavy backpacks. How might we redesign school backpacks for better support but also ensure they are functional and fashionable for the modern student?



Sprout's video outlining the 5 steps of the Design Thinking.

Link: The Design Thinking Process


PlaybookUX's video unpacking empathy mapping.

Link: What is an Empathy Map?


Design Kit Website with great resources around human centred design.

Link: Design Kit

Stanford d.School

Stanford d.School’s A Taste of Design Thinking: Redesign the Backpack task booklet.

Link: A Taste of Design Thinking: Redesigning the Backpack

Chicago Architecture Center

Discover Design website which prompts a 21st century backpack design challenge broken down into inquiry stages.

Link: Design a 21st Century Backpack

Teacher Advice

This unit outlines Design Thinking and inquiry processes to engage learners in a design challenge, allowing secondary teachers to incorporate their own curriculum areas as appropriate.

Science: Science inquiry skills, Science as a human endeavour

Mathematics: Measurement and geometry; statistics and data, money and finance

Deign and Technology: Products and services, sustainable practices, design solutions.

Adventures in Teaching Technology

Adventures in Teaching Technology blog explores how to use computational thinking as students explore the backpack challenge.

Link: Adventures in Teaching Technology