Inquiry Questions

What causes a language to change over time?
Is English one language?


Video: The History of English in 10 Minutes

Article: New Englishes

Adapting the Language to Meet New Needs 

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ABC Education

One English language or many? Video and ideas for teachers 

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Who on Earth speaks English? Video and ideas for teacher

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The story behind 'Australian English': why we talk the way we do

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Is youse alright? What’s ok in English?  
Audio file of radio program extract and ideas for teachers 
The program considers the words we use when we are talking to each other face to face. It also looks at the use of the word 'you' in English and other languages like French, Dutch, Irish Gaelic and Swedish.

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Evolving English: where do new words come from? Video and ideas for teachers. 
What do you think the term Spanglish might mean? Or Chinglish? Or Franglais? Our language is constantly changing and one way in which it does so is by 'borrowing' words from other languages. In this video, students learn about our evolving language.

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How technology has changed our language