Year 3 Australian Diverse Places

Year 3 Australia’s Neighbours

Year 3 Events that Make

Year 3 Significant Events

Year 4 Animal Habilts

Year 4 Identity

Sourcing and Analysing Information-Natural Disasters

Year 5 Gold Rush

Year 5 Bushfires

Year 6 Migration

Yr 5 Eureka Stockade

Year 6 Anzac Day

Year 6 Federation

Places and Spaces

Year 4 Sustaining Environments

Year 5/6 Human Impact on the Environment

Year 4 First Fleet

Year 5 Colonial Australia

Year 3 Australia’s Ethnic Diversity

Big Idea: Australia’s neighbours (Year 3)

Who are Australia’s neighbours?

Big Idea: Events that make Communities Unique (Year 3)

What is the difference between celebration and commemoration?

Does Australia Day have a significance for all Australians?...

Big Idea: Significant Events in the Community (Year 3)

Why do we commemorate ANZAC Day?

Big Idea: Australian Diverse Places and Environments (Year 3)

What are the main natural and human features of Australia?

How and why are places similar and different?

Big Idea: Identity (Year 4)

What is Australian identity?

What does it mean to be Australian?

How has Australian Identity changed over time?

Big Idea: Animal Habitats (Year 4)

How does the environment support the lives of people and other living things?

How do different views about the environment influence approaches to sustainability?

Big Idea: Events shaping communities (Year 5)

How significant was the Gold Rush in shaping Australia as a colony?

Big Idea: Moving People Changing Places (Year 6)

Who were the people who came to Australia? Why did they come?
What contribution have significant individuals and groups made to the development of Australian society?

Big Idea: Sourcing and Analysing Information-Natural Disasters

How is language used to express fact and opinion?

Big Idea: Eureka Stockade (Year 5)

How have key figures, events and values shaped Australian society, its system of government and citizenship?

What impact did the Eureka Stockade have on the Australian democracy?

Big Idea: Anzac Day (Year 6)

How has the Anzac legend shaped Australia?

Big Idea: Federation (Year 6)

Why did the people of Australia decide to join as a nation?

Big Idea: Bushfires (Year 5)

How do bushfires impact people and places?

Big Idea: Places and Spaces

Can we design the future city of Adelaide in Minecraft? 

Big Idea: Sustaining Environments (Year 4)

How does Australia’s environment compare to Africa and South America’s environments?

What actions can we take in our life to respond to an environmental challenge?

Big Idea: Human Impact on the Environment (Year 5/6)

In what ways do people change the natural environment?

How do different communities manage environmental issues?

Big Idea: First Fleet (Year 4)

What was life like before the arrival of the First Fleet in Australia?

Why did they come here?

How was life different after ...

Big Idea: Colonial Australia (Year 5)

What was colonial life in Australia like in the 1850s?

Big Idea: Australia’s Ethnic Diversity (Year 3)

What is diversity? 
How diverse is Australia?
How diverse is my community?