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Catholic Education South Australia
  • Trust the Count
  • Counting tells us how many things are in a set
  • Numbers are related to each other through a variety of relationships
  • Number concepts are tied to the world around us

Inquiry Question

I wonder how our number system works?


We are Teachers

We are Teachers website which has many practical hands on activities for students to explore place value at home. Revise activities to the value of 1000.

Link: Place Value Activities

Runde’s Room

5 hands on activities for teaching place value. Adapt to only go up to 1000.

Link: Activities for Teaching Place Value


Place Value Cards. This sequence explores the multiplicative place value properties of numbers. Students learn to represent numbers up to 1000 as multiples of 100s, 10s and 1s.

Link: Place Value Cards

The inquiry is stimulated by a question: How many [sandwiches] does our class eat at school in a year? Students devise plans for finding out the total number of sandwiches (or other items) eaten. The sequence of four lessons provides opportunities for students to invent, implement and refine strategies for repeated addition with larger numbers.

Link: What’s for Lunch


Two Digit Targets. Learners to apply knowledge of place value and offers a context for learning and practising the relevant vocabulary (odd, even, multiple). 

Link: Two Digit Targets

Number Facts Mobile

Use a coat hanger to make a mobile which represents all the facts you know about a 3 digit number. It might include sums, number lines, drawings and words