Inquiry Question

How can we use our names to learn about words and make connections to words?



Teaching resources for teachers of the first three years of school! 

What’s in a name? Teaching phonics, syllabification, and more! 

Strategies that can be implemented using children’s names to demonstrate their knowledge of letters and sounds and fine motor coordination. 

Link: Teaching Phonics

Lisa Burman

This resource aims to spark curiosity about words and spelling in English, creating a culture of thinking, wondering, researching and seeing connection within the spelling and meaning of written words. 

Link: Name Inquiry

Where Imagination Grows

Try going outside to find small sticks, stones or leaves to make the letters in your child’s name.  See link for an example.

Make some pastry with your child and form letters from her name to bake…and then eat. 

Play “guess whose name I’m going to say, it starts with the sound ‘d’”.  See if your child can match the sound to the printed letter. 

Link: Letter Recognition Learning Rocks

The Short Vowel Song

This short clip is a fun way to engage children in learning about vowels. 

Link: The Short Vowel Song Best Phonics: We are the Vowels 


Actions taken to enable students with disability to access and participate in education on the same basis as other students.  

Link: NCCD  

Scaffolded learning

Use a matrix to record a student's progress through the complexity of engaging in learning.

  • I have heard of this word 

  • I can read this word  

  • I can spell this word 

  • I can tell an adult what this word means 

  • I can use this word in my writing 

  • https://www.matrixmagic.com.au/