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Inquiry Question

How do writers think of what to write?


Author to Author: Matt Glover

The Importance of Making Books:  Educators & Parents/Caregivers: Book making is a great way to engage children in writing.  This short clip by Matt Glover will help guide you in supporting your children to make all kinds of books, enabling them to practice and develop their writing skills in a range of text types.

Link: Author to Author
Link: YouTube - The Importance of Making books

Book Making Ideas: Crafts for Kids

This short YouTube clip demonstrates a crafty way to make a booklet, using only one piece of paper!

Link: YouTube - Book Making Ideas

Teaching Ideas

Encourage children as writers of their own books:

  • Have them write about things they know and can do, and things that have happened to them.
  • Plan and rehearse stories by telling the story first and pointing to each page to show what happens first, what happens next and how the story ends.
  • Bake cookies and write a book about ‘How to Bake Cookies’.  Plan what you will need and the steps you will follow.
  • Illustrate books or add diagrams, captions and speech bubbles.