Big Idea: Communicating

How do writers think of what to write?

Big Idea: Critical Reading of Texts

How do creators of texts influence readers and viewers?

Big Idea: Making Meaning in Texts

How do readers learn about new topics?

Big Idea: Phonics and Word Knowledge

How can we use our names to learn about words and make connections to words? 

Big Idea: Using Literacy in Different Ways for Different Purposes

How can I use different ways of engaging with texts? 

How do authors plan their stories? 

Big Idea: Encouraging Good Reading Habits

How can I get ready for reading?

Big Idea: Film Literacy

What can we learn from films? 

Big Idea: Responding to Stories and Characters

Inquiry Questions
How do authors create characters using language and images?

Big Idea: English Rhymes and Rhyming Stories

What are rhyming words?

Big Idea: Stimulating Reader Engagement

How do our interests and preferences influence the kinds of books we read?

Health & Physical Education

Big Idea: Being Healthy and Active (Foundation)

Why is playing outdoors good for my wellbeing?

How can I keep healthy and active?

Big Idea: Being Safe

How can I keep myself safe?

What are safe actions?

Big Idea: Building Resilience and Growing Gratitude

What strategies can I use to keep a growth mind set?

How do I keep myself calm? 

Big Idea: Moving our Body

How can I be physically active at home?

How can I build movement skills through games?

Big Idea: Movement and Physical Activity

What are the different ways I can move my body?

Big Idea: Growing and Changing

How does my body change as I grow?
How do I change socially as I grow?
How do my emotions change?

Humanities and Social Sciences

Big Idea: Continuity and Change in Children’s Lives
(Year 1)

How have toys changed over time?

Big Idea: Changes in education and schooling (Year 1)

What was school like for our grandparents?

How has it changed?

What  is the same?

Big Idea: Personal timeline (Year 1)

Exploring family life: my past, present and future.

Big Idea: My Place (Year 1)

Where do I live?

What are manmade features?

What are natural features?

Big Idea: Seasons
(Year 1)

What are seasons?

How do different people describe and classify seasons?

Big Idea: Places - Maps (Year 1)

How are places represented?
What is a map?
What is its purpose?
Why do we need maps?
How is a map made?

Big Idea: Changes in technology - The past in the present
(Year 2)

How has technology affected daily life over time?

Big Idea: My Place (Reception)

Where on the map is my place? 

Big idea: My family

What is my history and how do I know?

How are our families the same and how are they different?

How can we show that the present is different from the past and the future?

Big Idea: Places (Year 2)

Why are places important to people?

How are people in different places connected to each other?

How do factors such as location and distance influence their connections?

Big Idea: Integrated Unit - Australia's Geographical Features

What geographical features does Australia have?

What are Australia’s main iconic landmarks?


Big Idea: Maximising Curriculum Time

How can teachers increase students’ memory retention times and maximise the amount of time on task for students of languages?

Big Idea: Relationships – Bilingualism, Fluency, CLIL

How would students match the numbers 1 – 10 to their Chinese characters using the right stroke order?

Big Idea: Stories

What do stories I know sound like in different languages? 

What do I notice about the words in these stories?   

CLIL Teaching Resources

Content Language Integrated Learning

Non-Language Specific

Resources that relate to teachers of all languages

Big Idea: Relationships – Celebration, values, culture/s, understanding, similarity, difference, appreciation

Are there some celebrations that are similar to the ones we ...

Big Idea: Relationships – Chinese through singing

How would students use singing to show correct gestures, meaning and tone?


Big Idea: Mathematical Fluency

How can I use different ways to solve problems?

Big Idea: Geometric Reasoning (Foundation)

Why are shapes so wonderful?

Big Idea: Number and Algebra (Foundation)

I wonder why numbers can be shown (represented) in different ways?

Big Idea: Number and Algebra (Year 1)

I wonder how I might represent numbers in different ways?

Big Idea: Geometric Reasoning (Year 1)

I wonder how 2D and 3D shapes are the same and also different?

Big Idea: Number and Algebra (Year 2)

I wonder how our number system works?

Big Idea: Geometric Reasoning (Year 2)

Why are 3D shapes important in our world?

Big Idea: Exploring Data Analysis (Years 1 and 2)

How might we use data to understand ourselves and our world?

Big Idea: Exploring Data Analysis (Reception)

I wonder how I can use questions and data to understand my world?

Religious Education

Resourcing the Religious Education Learning Area

Audience: Teachers

Principles and checklists for the selection of appropriate and quality resources for Religious Education in a Catholic school.

Sample Units for Online R.E. Learning

Audience: Teachers

Catholic Education South Australia has created sample R.E. units for online learning based on the draft New Crossways R.E. Curriculum.

Together at One Altar

Audience: Families, Classroom

Online and interactive website exploring features of the Mass and Seasons of the Church.

Brisbane Catholic Education

Audience: Teachers

This quality website from Brisbane Catholic Education offers a range of resources for planning R.E. curriculum.


Audience: Families, Students and Teachers

This website offers a multitude of resources for Religious Education with a focus on social justice and Catholic Social Teaching.

Catholic Education Melbourne - REsource

Audience: Teachers

Curriculum and prayer resources that align nicely with the new CESA Crossways 5 Knowledge Strands.

Godly Play Scripture Resource

Audience: Teachers

Online resources to support Scriptural texts being told using Godly Play.

Teaching Judaism

Audience: Teachers, Students, Families

This website offers information and resources to teach Judaism.

AC+ (Australian Catholics)

Audience: Families, Students and Teachers

This is an online collection of articles and digital resources for Religious education and prayer from the Australian Catholics magazine published by Jesuit Communications.

Loyola Press

Catholic resources to support prayer and the seasons of the Church year.

Visible Thinking

Visible Thinking routines and explanations.  

Flame of Faith

A website from the Catholic Archdioceses of Brisbane with information and useful videos about the Sacraments of the Church. 


Big Idea:
Change (Foundation)

What changes do we see in our environment?

How do living things change and grow?

Why does the weather change?

Big Idea: Diversity
(Year 1)

How are living things and places diverse?

What observations are you making about our world which show diversity?

Big Idea: Interconnection
(Year 2)

How are Earth’s resources interconnected? What are the connections between materials? How are living things connected?

Big Idea: Objects Move in Different Ways (Foundation)

Why do balls bounce?
Does the size of an object influence its movement?
Does the shape of an object influence its movement?

Big Idea: Sound Can Be Produced in Many Ways (Year 1)

How can we create sound using objects at home? 

Where do the sounds of nature come from? 

Big Idea: Push and Pull (Year 2)

How can objects move on land, through water and in the air? 

What are push and pull movements? 

Big Idea: Science Energy

What is energy?

What is energy useful for?


Big Idea: Digital Systems

How can we use software and hardware for a purpose?

How has technology changed over time and impacted our lives?

Big Idea: Data

How can we collect and sort data to find patterns?

How can we represent data in different ways?

Big Idea: Algorithms

How can we plan a sequence of steps to complete a task in our daily lives?

Big Idea: Online Safety

How should we behave online in a safe and responsible manner?

Big Idea: Forces

How might we launch a spaceship to the moon?

Big Idea: Sustainability

How might we design a model of a sustainable vegetable garden for home or school using familiar craft materials?

STEM Competitions and Challenges

Oliphant Science Awards

Global Cardboard Challenge 

Big Idea: Design Techniques to Create Movement

I wonder how I can make a moving puppet?

The Arts

Big Idea: Digital Photostories

How can we learn to tell stories using digital media? 

Big Idea: Elements of Music

What are the key elements of music? 

Big Idea: Expressing Emotions Through Art

How can I show feelings and ideas through painting? 

Big Idea: Following a Design Brief to Take Photographs

What interesting photographs can I take using my device? 

Big Idea: Sculpture

How do artists express their feelings and memories through sculpture? 

Big Idea: Songs for Learning

How can we sing together when we are in different spaces? 

Big Idea: Story Building for Drama

What makes a good story? 

Big Idea: Exploring Improvising and Representing Ideas

How do people make music? 

Where can people make music? 

Why do people make music? 

Big Idea: Australian Indigenous Arts

How can my ideas be expressed through role and story? 

How can I use my voice, movement and space to make a character come to life? 

Big Ideas: Australian Indigenous Art

How can I use Jimmy Pike’s painting techniques in my art?

Big Idea: Emotions and Character

How can I use my voice and facial expressions to show an emotion or character? What is improvisation?
How can I use body movements in drama? 

Big Idea: Creating Movement

How can I use body movements in dance? 

Big Idea: Making and Responding to Artworks (Using Puppetry)

How can my ideas be expressed through role and story?
How can I use my voice, movement and space to make a character come to life? 

Reception to Year 2 Learning Resources

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