EYLF Outcome 2: Children are connected with and contribute to their world

Outcome 2.3: Children become aware of fairness

Preschool Literacy Indicators: I engage with texts and make meaning

I understand the language of my world. I use language to connect with my world

Inquiry Question

What does kindness look like in our lives?

Advice for Teachers

Extending kindness to others can help children to develop a sense of connectedness and care for others in their communities (especially in this current time of extreme change to our everyday routines).

The following link suggests some ‘acts of kindness’ that children can do while they’re learning from home. You could ask your children to try one or more of the suggestions and to add their own (if you have a class online collaborative space).

Link: Acts of Kindness for Children

Advice for Parents

The following link talks about the importance of encouraging acts of kindness in your children and provides some suggestions for ways of helping your children to do this while they’re at home.

Link: Acts of Kindess for Children

Your child may come up with some of their own suggestions!

Some children might talk about showing kindness to animals. Here’s a link to some easy ways to make a birdfeeder.

Link: Video - Make a Birdfeeder