Students with Disability Review

Catholic Education SA is reviewing its policies, programs and support arrangements for students with disability to learn what it is doing well, what it should do less of, and what it should do better in its service to students with disability.

The Review Discussion Paper  gives the background to the Students with Disability Review.

The Review Purpose and Process explains how the Review will occur.

Review Updates

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The Students with Disability Review has completed the first round of engagement and consultation with stakeholders about how Catholic Education South Australia currently addresses the needs of students with disability.

The Student Conversations Report summarises conversations the Review has held with students with disability in schools across metropolitan and country South Australia.

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Each Survey Summary Report consist of three main components:

  • an overview synopsis of each survey’s responses
  • data reports for the survey questions that invited a quantitative response
  • a brief outline of the themes that people presented in their comments.

The Student Conversations and five Survey Reports provide a depth of insight into the perspectives and experiences of how Catholic Education is currently serving the needs of students with disability. In many areas they point to common experiences and assumptions. In some areas they reveal important variations in expectations, understandings and practices.  

Listening carefully and respectfully to each of the voices provides the basis for Catholic Education to strengthen the inclusion, learning and wellbeing of students with disability. Connecting the different perspectives affirms the areas of agreement and points to the areas for improvement.

Taken together they point to the importance of Catholic Education building greater connectivity in how its schools, regions, and central office can better work as a system with students with disability, their parents, and disability service providers. By doing so Catholic Education best fulfils its mission as part of the Church’s commitment to Inclusion.

The SWD Review is now entering the next phase of analysing the key issues and challenges and identifying the solutions and strategies that best address them. Another Review Paper outlining the issues and challenges and proposing ways forward will be released at the start of Term Four.

Dr Paul Kilvert
SWD Review Lead

Launch of the Review

The Students with Disability Review was launched in June 2020. Read more in the Review Media Release.

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