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23 Apr 2018
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CESA Graduation Ceremony 2018

Sixty-one staff from Catholic Schools and the Catholic Education Office (CEO) recently graduated with qualifications across three different programs. 

TAFE SA delivered three programs and had over 95% successful completion rate in the following courses:

Diploma of Leadership and Management (28 people)
Certificate IV in Disability (15 people)
Certificate IV in Education Support (18 people)

“We congratulate every one of these students for their hard work in completing their studies,” says David Kerr, Senior Adviser: Human Resources.

"Their enhanced skills and experience in their respective or future roles will ultimately benefit our schools and the CEO.

For some this was the first external study experience since leaving school several decades ago.

For others it has been a steep mountain to climb to get to the end; some a relatively smooth ride; and for others it is a taste for more study to come at a higher level.”

Congratulations to the following graduates:

Diploma of Leadership and Management Graduates

Andrea Brown

Carolyn Slater

Caterina Latassa

Ekaterini Panos

Elaine Grottick

Gen Findlay-Sawers

Glenda Byrth

Jose Armando Ramirez Plata

Juanita Lieschke

Justine Sheehy

Kathy Cilento

Kathy Groat

Kylie McBride

Linda Somerton

Michelle Tomlinson

Nadia Udina

Peta Jordan-Payne

Priyankara Baptist

Rebekah Lyons

Ria Wong

Richman Klaffer

Rita Windle

Rosa Cuzzocrea

Sandra Mestros

Sandra Piscioneri

Shayne Harmsen

Stephanie Armitt

Mahboobeh Aryanpad

Certificate IV in Disability Graduates

Alice Nicholson

Benjamin Dyda

Brenton Day

Chad Henderson

Claire Eastham

Evelyn Connor

Gayle Santucci

Jenny Woodbury

Lauren Martinovic-Fitzgerald

Lina Zannoni

Louise Fairlie

Melissa Fairlie

Rebecca Bennett

Tracey Walker

Wendy Cunningham

Certificate IV in Education Support Graduates

Belinda Matthews

Carin Blackmore-Morris

Dianne Tippett

Fiona Houldsworth

Fiona Woodward

Hilary Monticelli

Jacqueline Hays

Jennifer Eckermann

Karen Hennessy

Kerry Fernandez

Kim White

Leanne McPherson

Lynne Harvey

Mandy Carfora

Maureen Jones

Natalie Harding

Petra Ferrier

Sharon Allen



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