The Cabrini Collective

CESA is working to support culturally diverse families...

Over recent years, CESA has seen a significant increase in the number of students from diverse cultural backgrounds. We are working to ensure all families can engage with our schools and their children’s learning.

The Cabrini Project was established to develop effective strategies and practices to ensure positive communication and engagement between schools, students and their families.

To do this, a research project was conducted throughout 2018 and 2019 within selected CESA schools, with surveys and discussion forums held with the African-Australian community, to further understand the community and their needs. Changes to communication approaches were then put in place within those schools.

The research findings were collated into a series of video resources for use by school staff to support how they understand, develop and integrate communication strategies as part of the core of their communications strategies for culturally diverse students and their families.

Two videos were created to help families gain an understanding of Catholic education and how it can benefit children. One of these is narrated in the Dinka language, the main language of African-Australian families from Southern Sudan. The same video was created for English-speaking families.


While this research focused on the schools that participated in the Cabrini Collective and the African-Australian community, the strategies identified can be used by all schools working with families and students from many diverse backgrounds, for the benefit of all multicultural CESA students.

Download CESA Cabrini Handout