11 Sep 2017
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Schools need fair funding

Catholic Education South Australia launched a campaign to call on the government to offer a fair funding model for SA Catholic schools in 2017.

Around 120 principals, board chairs and presidents of Parents and Friends Associations gathered at two meetings at the Catholic Education Office on August 15 and 17.

“South Australian Catholic schools receive the lowest level of State government funding per student in the country,” explained Bruno Vieceli, Assistant Director, Catholic Education South Australia.

“We also know that Catholic schools in other States attract greater State government assistance with capital costs. The SA State government also offers STEM funding and utility cost relief to government schools but the same does not apply to non-government schools.

“All of these factors make it challenging for us to keep our fees as low as we can.”

Those present at the meetings learned more about the issues and how they will be involved in lobbying politicians for change.

Students in SA Catholic schools short-changed $15.8 million* in 2017

At the time of the meeting, South Australian State government funding to each student in a Catholic school was the lowest of all States and Territories in Australia.

With 46,000 students in Catholic schools across the State – the total shortfall for 2017 was estimated to be in excess of $15.8 million.

Read more in our Fair Funding Facts flyer.

Why are SA Catholic schools also missing out on capital funding?

Capital funding is essential to ensure schools have quality learning spaces and facilities.

Since 2002, the State government has spent $2.2 billion1 on capital funding for school and early years infrastructure. During the same period, SA Catholic schools received no capital funding from the State government. 

Read more in our Funding Facts flyer #2.

Both of these issues were addressed by the Premier’s announcement that he would make a $19.8 million commitment for 2018.

This funding commitment is in the 2018 budget and will be honoured regardless of which party is elected.