18 Aug 2017
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Students showcase research projects

Catholic school students joined students from across the State at the Research Project Expo in early August.

The Expo, hosted by the SACE Board of SA, aims to help students develop the 21st century skills they need in the modern workplace.

More than 4000 students from Years 10 and 11 attended the 2017 Expo at the Ridley Centre, Adelaide Showground on August 8 and 9.

Research Project students (past and present) showcased their projects and were on hand to offer advice and tips on choosing a topic and tackling the compulsory subject.

Young Australian of the Year and CBC old scholar, Paul Vasileff, gave the keynote address. The founder of internationally-renowned couture house Paolo Sebastian is living his dream – all of which began in his senior secondary year at school.

Vasileff launched Paolo Sebastian in his final year at school, after receiving full marks for his ‘Staging a fashion show’ extension studies subject, the precursor to today’s Research Project.

Today the Research Project gives students the opportunity to study an area of interest in depth. They choose a topic, investigate it, and provide evidence of research skills and analysis to support a research outcome.

SACE Board Chief Executive, Dr Neil McGoran said the Research Project provides a unique opportunity for all students to develop skills essential for learning and living in our rapidly changing world.

“Through the Research Project, students develop their ability to question and plan, to evaluate and make judgements, innovate and solve problems, and make effective decisions.

These skills are important no matter which path students choose through further study, training and employment,” he said.

Some of the Research Project topics exhibited included:

Sacred Heart College

  • How is the quality of life for a person with renal failure impacted by renal transplant and or dialysis?
  • What are the differences in the challenges faced by Irish migrants coming to Australia now, compared to 40 years ago?
  • What is the most effective fitness program for an adolescent footballer transforming into an elite AFL footballer?
  • How do media stereotypes impact the lives of Muslim women in contemporary Western society?

St Mary’s College

  • How reliable are eyewitness testimonies and should they continue to be used in court?
  • How does graded exercise therapy (GET) compare to cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) in efficacy for treating symptoms associated with CFS/ME?
  • Girls in Computer Science
  • To what extent to western adults suffer from psychosomatic pain and how does that affect them?
  • Impact of racism on Indigenous Australians

St Michael’s College

  • To what extent does sleep deprivation affect school performance?
  • To what extent does a toddler’s diet affect cognitive function and how can childcare centres optimise this?
  • What are the most significant factors that limit post-school opportunities for Aboriginal children in remote areas?