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Special Authority for Unregistered Persons to Teach (TRT) Policy

In response to the workforce challenges facing South Australian schools and preschools, a strategic collaboration between the Teacher Registration Board of South Australia and the three Education sectors has given rise to the Special Authority for Unregistered Persons to Teach, Temporary Relief Teacher (TRT) policy. This initiative stems directly from the Teacher Workforce Strategy 2023-2027: Empowering Educators, Transforming Communities, aiming to achieve our visionary goal to achieve a ratio of one preservice teacher for every 50 students.

 Key Features of the TRT Policy:

  • Eligibility: The policy caters to pre-service ITE students in their concluding year of study. Candidates must either be enrolled in an accredited program in South Australia or an equivalent online interstate program and must reside within the state.
  • Progression: Authority holders are envisaged to continue their journey towards the culmination of their Initial Teacher Education (ITE) studies and eventually obtain teacher registration.
  • Exclusions: The policy does not cater to students affiliated with the Teach for Australia program or similar programs.
  • Authorisation: A holder can work at multiple sites simultaneously as a Temporary Relief Teacher (TRT). The policy, however, is not designed to be applicable for positions of leadership, such as Principals or Directors.
  • Application Prerequisites: Candidates in their final year of the specified programs can apply. An informal academic transcript will be a prerequisite for the Board to evaluate the application.
  • Support & Supervision: Schools play a pivotal role in assuring that the holders are proficiently overseen, mentored, and adequately inducted, keeping child safety and well-being at the forefront. It is mandatory to designate a primary mentor for every SAT TRT holder, and this designation can be submitted up to a month post the approval of their application.

For a comprehensive understanding of the policy and to access the application form, visit the Teacher Registration Board SA webpage or contact Belinda Radcliffe or Adrian Dilger via email at or on 8301 6627.

Kickstart Your Teaching Journey with Catholic Education South Australia

Are you nearing the end of your education studies and ready to make your mark? Whether you're graduating this year or just looking ahead, Catholic Education South Australia (CESA) invites you to express your interest in our University Graduate Intake program.

We're offering numerous teaching opportunities across metropolitan and rural South Australia, including schools and preschools. For those venturing to our regional locations, a range of attractive incentives awaits.

By joining CESA, you're not just securing a job but gaining access to an enriching ecosystem designed to support your professional growth. You'll have access to resources that will empower you to truly THRIVE in our system.

Our offerings include contract teaching roles, temporary relief teaching, and even Education Services Officer (ESO) positions for those yet to complete their teacher employment requirements. We welcome you to apply for various administrative roles within the Catholic Education Office.

To express your interest, complete the graduate expression of interest form. Once registered, our Leadership and Workforce Development Team will be in touch to guide you through the TRB registration process, discuss your teaching preferences, and gather further details.

Take the first step towards an exciting career in Catholic education today - we can't wait to support you on your journey!

Further Information and Inquiries:

Interested individuals are invited to contact our Early Career and Teacher Certification Advisors, Belinda Radcliffe and Adrian Dilger.


Empower Your Teaching Journey with the
2024 Country Professional Experience Scholarships

Are you a passionate preservice teacher who dreams of making a difference? Do you have an adventurous spirit and a yearning to experience the unique charm of regional and rural communities? If so, Catholic Education South Australia (CESA) has an exciting opportunity for you!

We're proud to announce the Country Professional Experience Placement Scholarships for 2024. A commitment to shaping the future of education in our regional communities, these scholarships embody the heart of our mission - to cultivate exceptional educators and provide enriching educational experiences everywhere.

With a generous stipend of $7,000, these scholarships do more than just support your placement. They open doors to incredible experiences and opportunities to deeply engage with regional communities. The financial aid covers a range of necessities from travel and accommodation to living expenses, making your transition smooth and worry-free. The main prerequisite for this opportunity is a passion for teaching and commitment to shaping young minds – you do not have to be Catholic to teach in a Catholic school.

As a recipient, you'll get to:

  • Immerse yourself in the vibrant local community,
  • Network with dedicated Catholic Education Office staff, experienced teachers, and fellow scholars,
  • Receive ongoing support from our committed Early Career and Teacher Certification Advisors.

Remember, scholarship slots are limited, and competition is fierce. We will notify successful applicants with an offer for their consideration. Please only apply if you are committed to the cause and open to the regions you are applying for. Note that applications are exclusively to either Catholic Education South Australia OR the Department for Education. Dual applications will be disqualified.

Don't miss this chance to elevate your teaching career while making a lasting impact on the lives of students in our regional and rural communities. Apply now and be a part of our mission to transform education!

For further information and inquiries, interested individuals are invited to contact our Early Career and Teacher Certification Advisors, Belinda Radcliffe and Adrian Dilger, at

Ready to embark on an unforgettable teaching adventure?

For application information, check back in mid 2024 for applications for the 2025 school year.