Catholic Education South Australia
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Regional Teaching Opportunities

The heart of Catholic education beats strongly in the 19 regional and remote Catholic schools in South Australia.

Teachers in regional and remote Catholic schools have many opportunities to grow, learn and lead as a key member of staff within the school and broader school and town community, and have a direct and significant influence on students in these areas.

There are many professional, personal and lifestyle benefits that come with teaching and living in regional South Australian communities including:

  • Being welcomed into a community within and as part of a town community
  • Enriched lifestyle and relationships within and beyond the school gates
  • Family life – community orientation, everything close by and connected, rich relationships and a range of leisure and recreational options
  • Schools and parishes are in diverse and beautiful places – along rivers, in wine regions, coastal towns, the Flinders Ranges and mining communities.

CESA offers many opportunities, further benefits and significant additional supports to attract, support, develop, and retain high quality teachers in regional and remote Catholic schools.

A range of incentives on offer for regional and remote schoolteachers, including early career teachers, include:

  • Establishment grant
  • Moving costs
  • Additional non-contact time for Early Career Teachers
  • Early Career and Teacher Certification Advisor support
  • Remote school allowance (Roxby Downs)
  • Support in obtaining a metropolitan position (or another regional location)
  • High priority for Study Incentive Program (SIP) applicants.
Regional & Remote Education Strategy

Regional & Remote Education Strategy

Pre Service Teacher Opportunities

Pre Service Teacher Opportunities