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Many Catholic schools across South Australia are now offering a mid-year Reception enrolment intake for students who turn five on or before October 31.

“In a changing world for families, we believed we needed to be flexible and responsive to what they are asking for,” explains Bruno Vieceli, Assistant Director

When can your child start school?

Mid-Year Reception Intake

Most Catholic schools offer two intakes per year for children starting Reception.

Term 1 enrolment – for children who turn five years on or before April 30.

Term 3 enrolment (Mid-Year intake) - for children who turn five years on or before October 31.

Children who turn five from November 1 onwards commence Reception at the beginning of the following year.

Please discuss your enrolment options with your chosen school's principal.

Find out more about our enrolment policy to see whether your child qualifies for a mid year intake.

Why a Mid-Year intake?

“There is a large body of research that shows the benefit of high quality early learning and care experiences for children in their first 1,000 days of life, and in the years prior to school,” explains Bruno.

Students who start in Term 3 are likely to spend 18 months in Reception before progressing to Year 1.

“There will be some exceptions because it really does depend on what’s in the best interests for that child,” Mr Vieceli said.