Catholic Education South Australia
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Our commitment is to offer a high quality Catholic education that is accessible and affordable.

Each one of our schools has its own enrolment criteria, fee structure and availability of places. 

Enrolment policy

Enrolment policies vary depending on the needs and characteristics of each school’s local context.

Catholic schools offer two intakes per year for children starting Reception.

Term 1 enrolment intake

  • The Term 1 intake includes children who turn five years on or before April 30.

Term 3 enrolment intake

  • The Term 3 intake includes children who turn five years on or before October 31.
  • Children commencing in Term 3 will have a minimum of 6 terms in Reception.

Children who turn five from November 1 onwards will commence Reception at the beginning of the following year. 

All Reception students, no matter when they commence school, will build strong foundations in learning as well as their social emotional wellbeing.

Please discuss your enrolment options with your chosen school's principal.

How to Enrol

We encourage you to visit the website of the school you are considering and look at their enrolment processes and practices.

You might also like to explore their fees, policies and other information about joining their school community.

Please contact the school if you require further information.


Affordable and Accessible

Each school is responsible for setting and collecting fees individually.

Please check each school’s website for their fee schedule and policy.

Payment options

Our schools offer a variety of payment options to suit your family.

Catholic Schools can offer support to families during times of financial stress. Just make an appointment to discuss this with the Principal or Business Manager.

Depending on your family's income you may also be eligible for support through school card, a South Australian Government program.