Catholic Education South Australia
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We offer places of learning, listening, and love for children, adults and the community.

We are a community that educates and, in turn, is educated.

Ten principles behind early years services:

  1. We value children and families as a part of our community, and we welcome the richness they bring to each other.
  2. We see children as competent and capable active learners from birth.
  3. We work with families to enhance every child's learning and development, and see families as the prime educators in their children's lives.
  4. We have special places in which children and adults can grow together in mind and body, faith and belonging.
  5. We have a shared responsibility to nourish children's connection with the natural world.
  6. Our physical spaces, both inside and outside, are carefully designed to nurture learning and wellbeing.
  7. We respect the diversity of our family's religious backgrounds and each child is invited to explore their own spirituality.
  8. We recognise that children learn and develop through everyday experiences and relationships. They are motivated to explore as they increase their knowledge of how the world works.
  9. We respect children's individual rhythms for growth and development.
  10. Our educators have deep knowledge of how each child comes to know, learn and develop.
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