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25 Mar 2021
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Students creating movie trailer with DC Comics and Disney alumni

School of the Nativity, Aberfoyle Park is partnering with Flinders University in a unique digital technologies project.

Year 5, 6 and 7 students and staff will have the opportunity to learn about and use ‘The Void’ at Flinders – SA’s largest motion capture and VR lab – to create their very own movie trailer. 

The Void is a digital facility that integrates performance and digital art to produce digital footage that can be projected on a screen or played as video games – all in real-time.

Students will work with Flinders University Lecturers Dan Thorsland and Cameron Mackness to co-construct stories for the screen and create a movie trailer, with access to over one million dollars of equipment and the expertise to assist them in communicating the power of story.

Both Dan and Cameron have extensive experience in motion capture and virtual production.

Dan has 35 years’ experience as a creative practitioner, starting out as a comic book writer/editor at DC Comics and Dark Horse Comics in the U.S. From 2001 to 2019 he produced a large portfolio of video games and other digital projects for major brand partners such as Disney, Lucasfilm and LEGO.

Cameron is a cinematographer/editor/director who began his journey studying Screen at Flinders University. His credits include shows such as ‘The Bill’ and various projects for the BBC. His current role is in the Drama Centre at Flinders University.

Students have really enjoyed the initial creative process, looking at how a story is built and how to create the world within it. Students learnt about making a window and then creating everything behind it.

“I thought it was amazing. I am looking forward to making a movie trailer, making a window and creating everything behind it,” said Ryder.

They are also thrilled to be working with Dan and Cameron given their impressive past experience and have learned a lot from them already.

“I found it cool that Dan and Cameron achieved their goals of being a comic, writer, game maker and movie maker. They have met a lot of famous people in their jobs!” said Jayce.

Sienna added, “I think it is great that Dan achieved his goal of writing a Star Wars Comic. It was interesting to learn that a script is shorter than a book and that 1 animated movie frame can take up to 38 hours to create.”

“Dan and Cameron have really cool jobs, and it is great they are sharing their experiences with us. I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s ideas for creating their story,” said Gemma.

Throughout 2021, students will continue workshops with Dan and Cameron both at Nativity school and in The Void to progress the project and complete their movie trailer.

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