Catholic Education South Australia
26 Jun 2024
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Discover the best school for your child during Catholic Schools Open Week

Choosing a school for your child is one of the biggest decisions you make as a parent. It is important to consider all the options in your local area. In South Australia, families have a wide range of schooling options, including a Catholic Education. 

Catholic schools value the intrinsic worth of every individual child.  

“Our schools provide students with many opportunities inside and outside of the classroom, to educate and nurture the whole person, helping them to be thriving, capable learners as well as extraordinary human beings," says Dr. Neil McGoran, Executive Director, Catholic Education South Australia. 

“We are an educational sector that is committed to providing excellence for every child whose learning and education is entrusted to our care. Our learning experiences are grounded in Catholic values and beliefs. We want every student to experience success according to their unique characteristics and talent." 

To make Catholic education more accessible, Catholic Education SA introduced the Making Catholic Education More Affordable Initiative. This initiative includes a freeze on school fees at all Diocesan schools for the current year. There is also a low-income fee for families on modest incomes, and a free midyear intake for Receptions. These measures aim to alleviate financial pressures on families and ensure that more children can benefit from the holistic education provided by Catholic schools. By making education more affordable, we hope to support families in choosing a learning environment that aligns with their values and aspirations for their children. 

Catholic Schools Open Week is an opportunity for you to visit your local Catholic school and discover how we work in partnership with families across South Australia to educate today’s children. Catholic Schools Open Week is from August 19 – 25, 2024, and during this week many Catholic schools will be hosting tours for you to meet the Principal and other staff members and experience the learning environments of our schools. Visit the Catholic Schools directory to find your local Catholic school. 

Book your school tour today and discover why a Catholic education is a choice worth making. 

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