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Resilience and Wellbeing Yeas 9 and 10

Middle adolescence is a development stage that sees another shift in how young people perceive themselves and engage with the world around them. At this stage of their development young people start to develop more clearly defined preferences in their interests.  Alongside this, they start becoming more specialised in their skills development.

Significantly, the adolescent brain is undergoing a major restructure in preparation for adulthood. To assist the physiological processes adequate sleep (recommended 9 hours) and good nutrition are important. To assist with resilience and wellbeing structured activities to support self-awareness, self-reflection and mindfulness are necessary and aid the restructuring of the pre-frontal cortex.

To support resilience in an online learning environment young people could undertake the VIA Character Strengths Test. This free online quiz identifies our top 5/24 character strengths.  Having undertaken the quiz, at the start of the day pastoral care teachers might ask their students to choose one of their character strengths and share with them three ways they will demonstrate that strength today.  Pastoral care teachers might also share with their students one of the links below about gratitude.  Then ask each student at the end of the day to share something they were grateful for that day.

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