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Understanding Wellbeing

The following articles offer some practical advice for parents on how to engage and help minimise anxiety with children and young people during this pandemic.


Wellbeing Hub - Trauma Toolkit

Parents, as well as their children, can be affected by a crisis in different ways. This community Trauma Toolkit provides support strategies and resources to access during and after a traumatic event.

Link: Student Wellbeing Hub

The Parent Website

Andrew Fuller is a well-respected Australian clinical psychologist who specialises in the wellbeing of young people and their families.  In this easy to read article, he addresses the current challenges for senior students during their time away from school, and offers an action plan for thriving.

Link: The Parent Website

Mindful Parenting

This easy to read booklet for parents is one of the many resources from the Australian Childhood Foundation, a national charity which prioritises the safety and welfare of children. It provides counselling, advocacy, education, child abuse prevention programs and research.

Link: Mindful Parenting

Department of Health Western Australia

This is a short article explaining what good mental health and wellbeing is and how to nurture it.

Link: Healthy WA

Wellbeing Hub

This is a space for educators, parents and students to build safe, inclusive and connected school communities that promote wellbeing and learning. It is part of the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework.

Link: Student Wellbeing Hub