Catholic Education South Australia

Inquiry Questions

What changes do we see in our environment?
How do living things change and grow?
Why does the weather change?


Cool Australia

During this lesson students identify and explore different types of patterns in their backyards.

Link: Outdoor Learning Nature Patterns

During this lesson students participate in a mapping exercise, working to create a map of the human-made, animal and environmental features of their homes.

Link: Roots & Shoots - Observe Your School Environment

During this lesson students gain a greater appreciation of the value of trees by exploring and creating rhyming poetry.

Link: Outdoor Learning Tree

Students explore why trees are important, what the parts of a tree are called and why we need trees. Students begin by observing trees in nature, and then draw upon inspiration from the story The Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert to make their own leaf men with fallen leaves.

Link: Outdoor Learning Leaf Man

Primary Connections

Primary Connections have created The Growing well unit. It is an ideal way to link science and literacy in the classroom. It provides opportunities for students to investigate the basic needs for survival of common flowering plants, through hands-on activities. Through investigations, students will explore what happens to plants when their needs are not met, and compare those needs to animals.

Link: Growing Well

Science Web

The Australian Science Teachers Association (ASTA), in partnership with Education Services Australia (ESA), has prepared a unit of work looking at the needs of living things.

Link: Unit Overview - Science Web


Scootle Links related to the content descriptor about daily and seasonal changes in our environment.

Link: Earth and space sciences