Inquiry Question

What conventions do films use to convey meaning to viewers?


The Film Space: Thinking Film

This teaching tool comprises a download of extracts from feature films which illustrate the various components of film language, mise en scène, sound, cinematography, editing and directing.  Used in conjunction with the accompanying specification-focused activities, this resource takes students through the conventions of film language with explanations of the different elements and exercises incorporating a variety of critical and creative tasks. 

Link: The Film Space

Film Literacy: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science-Teachers Guide Series

The Academy produces a series of guides for middle and high school teachers to facilitate the classroom exploration of the art and science of motion pictures.  The activities are designed to tap into students’ interest in film and to teach principles such as critical thinking, creative writing, and visual literacy. Each guide is available in its entirety to download.  

Link: Film Literacy

Into Film

Free resources with activities and film guide, power point presentation and embedded clips. This website requires creating an account to access the resources. 

Link: Into Film