ATAR Information


SACE Subject Changes Summary

SACE and Covid-19

Stay up-to-date with how the SACE Board is supporting students, schools and teachers during the COVID-19 pandemic, including their latest communications and resources as they become available.

SACE Subject Changes Summary

The SACE Board has approved outline changes to SACE subjects in response to COVID-19.

ATAR and University Aggregate

Understanding the ATAR Calculation  and calculating the university aggregate - relevant to South Australia and the Northern Territory.

SACE Coordinators

Access to information about supporting teachers and students,forms and information sheets, recognised learning, VET and special provisions. 

SACE Information for Parents

Parents can access the marketing toolkit to learn about the SACE. Information includes building 200 credits, the value of SACE, understanding special provisions, understanding moderation and how student work is marked.

Your SACE Journey

The SACE is designed to allow you to choose the subjects that suit your interests, skills and career goals. 

While completing the SACE, you’ll gain or extend the knowledge and skills to help you in your future study and employment. 

It includes information on completing the SACE, the capabilities, Year 10, Stage 1 (Year 11), Stage 2 (Year 12), Adult Entry, Interstate and Overseas Students, Beyond the SACE and Student Stories.