Catholic Education South Australia

Preschool Support for Learning at Home - Guidelines

This guide contains information for preschool coordinators to support families with learning at home for their preschool children. 

Documentation and Assessment - Guidelines

This guide contains the core aspect of documentation and assessment for preschool education.

Equity and Inclusion at Home - Guidelines

Guidelines for providing opportunities to allow all learners to succeed.  

Useful Links for Families

There are plenty of great internet sites and programs for families to support their children’s learning. Here are some of the ones we recommend. 

Big Idea: Healthy Food Choices

Why are the choices we make about food important to us?

Big Idea: Painting as Communication

How do children use painting to understand their world?

Big Idea: Cooking is Science!

What can we learn about science when we are cooking?

Big Idea: Schedules and Routines are Patterns in our Day

How do I know what is happening next?

Big Idea: Making Play Dough

How can we use a recipe to make play dough?

Big Idea: Making a 2D representation of a 3D object

How can I represent on paper what I see in the mirror?

Big Idea: Challenging Stereotypes

How do peoples’ expectations make us feel?

Big Idea: Imaginative Play

How does imaginative play help children learn about themselves, their families and communities?

Big Idea: Mark Making Can Happen in Many Places

How can I create textures?

Big Idea: Looking for Rhymes

How can we explore rhymes at home?

Big Idea: Contributing to the Household

How can I help at home?

Big Idea: Kindness in Our Lives

What does kindness look like in our lives?

Big Idea: Kindness in our Lives (Part 2)

What does kindness look like in our lives?

Expressing Feelings

How can we express our feelings in different ways?

Big Idea: Recycling for Our Environment

How can recycling help our preschool and home environments?

Big Idea: Playing in the Bath

How can bath time support children to construct multiple solutions to problems and use different ways of thinking?

Big Idea: Movement Builds Coordination and Motor Skills

How can I express myself through movement?

Big Idea: Sorting and Categorising Helps Make Sense of the World

How can I organise my world?

Big Idea: We’re Going on a Bug Hunt

How can we explore the bugs in our garden?

Big Idea: Hungry for Learning – Making Sandwiches

How can making sandwiches help children develop problem solving and experimentation skills?

Big Idea: We Can Measure Distance Travelled

How can I record the distance something travels?

Big Idea: Shadows Can Change During the Day

Why do shadows change?

Big Idea: Letters in my Name

How can we use our names to learn about letters and their sounds?

Big Idea: Expressing Yourself Through Mark Making

How can I use marks to convey meaning?

Big Idea: Story Telling Beyond the Book

How can we tell stories without books?  

Big Idea: Reading - Making Predictions

How does predicting help us to understand when we’re reading or listening to stories?

Big Idea: Word Fun – onomatopoeia

How do playful words (like onomatopoeia) make stories enjoyable?

Big Idea: We Can Represent Our World on Paper

How can I represent my world?

Big Idea: Making a Book

How can we turn our stories and information into books?

Big Idea: Print is All Around Us

Where we can we find print in our house (or school) and what is it for?

Big Idea: Plant a Seed

How do seeds grow into plants?

Big Idea: Herbs and Playdough

How can we explore our senses using playdough?

Big Idea: Gloopy Play

How do I explore and express sensations through playing with gloop?

Big Idea: Writing at Home

How does writing help us to make meaning?

Big Idea: Aboriginal language and stories

How can we learn about cultures by listening to Aboriginal stories?

Big Idea: Keeping in Touch with Friends

How can we keep in touch with our friends while we’re learning from home?

Big Idea: Hanging out the Washing

How can I learn different ways of contributing at home?

Big Idea: We Can Sort and Categorise Objects in the World

How can I sort my world?

Big Idea: Family Stories

How can family members’ stories help me to learn more about my family?

Big Idea: Bend it, Stretch it

How can I move my body and relax my mind?

Big Idea: Water Play for Wellbeing

What are the sensory properties of water?

Big Idea: How Heavy is That?

How can we work out how heavy something is?

Big Idea: Nature Walk in My Street

What do we notice about the natural environment of our neighbourhood?

Big Idea: Fizzy Science Experiments

How do different ingredients react when mixed together?

Big Idea: Obstacle Course

How can I develop confidence and skills through physical activities?

Big Idea: Investigating Seeds in Fruits

Where do seeds come from?

Big Idea: Imaginative Play (make a car)

When is a box not a box?

Big Idea: Making Gloop

What happens when I mix different materials or ingredients together?

Big Idea: Sorting Leaves in our Garden

How can we sort and categorise the leaves in our garden?

Big Idea: Measuring Height

What are some ways we can measure height?

Big Idea: Making Cubbies

How can we make a cubby from things in our home and garden?

Big Idea: Nature Wall Hanging

How can we use objects from nature to create art?

Big Idea: Making a shopping list

Why do we make lists?

Big Idea: Floating or Sinking

Why do some objects float, while others sink?

Big idea: Same and Different

In what ways are we the same and different?

Big idea: Manage my Emotions

What helps to manage my emotions?

Big idea: Salt Crystallisation

Where does salt go when it dissolves?

Big idea: Fun with Nursery Rhymes

What do we know about nursery rhymes?