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We are Catholic Education South Australia - more than 8,000 staff who are Raising Hearts and Minds of more than 46,000 students in 101 Catholic schools.

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Catholic Schools Magazine

To learn more about Catholic Education in South Australia, view our Catholic Schools Magazine for 2020.

We don't just know our students by name, we know who they are by heart.

Through our commitment to educational excellence, we provide quality learning in a Catholic context, from early years to Year 12.

Our schools work in partnership with families to educate and nurture the whole person, helping them to be thriving, capable learners as well as extraordinary human beings.

We instil values that last well beyond the schooling experience, they're ingrained for life.

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Catholic Education Australia. Raising Hearts and Minds.

Our Teachers

The strength of our schools lies in our teachers.

They bring a range of skills, life experiences and values to their classrooms and their students. They are leaders of young people and take very seriously their role in developing them academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

The quality of teaching is extremely important to our parents - that is why we are committed to leadership development among our schools and ensuring we are always at the cutting edge of education. Our teachers are also supported to individually pursue further development in their faith.

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