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Catholic Education South Australia
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Catholic Education SA operates within a national education framework, providing schooling for early years through to primary, middle and senior and vocational education.

Schooling in South Australia

It helps to understand how schooling works in South Australia.  There are three sectors - Catholic schools, Independent schools and Government schools.

Year levels of schools

In South Australia, primary schooling begins at Reception level with completion at secondary school being in years 12 and 13.

There are a range of schooling options available within the school structure.

Preschool: In South Australia, preschools are also known as kindergartens.  Qualified teachers support children's development in eight preschools within the Catholic system.

Early Learning Centres: some schools offer Early Learning Centres with qualified staff providing a preschool learning environment.  These cater for children from three years to school age supporting families with their child's development and faith formation.  As fully licensed child care centres, they are able to provide affordable access to families.

Early Childhood Centres: within the Catholic Education system, there are three Early Childhood Centres meeting the needs of children from six months to six years, and their families.  These centres include playgroups, preschool and child care and long-day child care.

Boarding: we have five boarding schools that accommodate for families living in regional and remote South Australia.

Technical: our two Technical Colleges offer unique trade-focussed SACE courses and students receive mentoring and support from industry-experienced teachers and trainers.

Special needs: qualified and skilled staff provide a range of schooling options to support students with disabilities and their families.

Choosing a Catholic School

You might like to take the opportunity to use our Find A School function to consider aspects of a location that suits your families, the tradition or charism of the school, fees structures (which you can find from the school’s own web site).

Once you’ve located a school in the area you have an interest in, then you can approach the school individually or seek further assistance from the Catholic Education Office. 


The South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools (SACCS) has oversight of education in all Catholic schools and sets directions, allocates resources and develops policies for Catholic schools in South Australia.

The Commission and its four Standing Committees are supported by a number of permanent committees and working parties. Catholic Education SA through its schools, colleges and centres, implements SACCS’ decisions and policies.


Download SACCS Annual Report 2019
Download SACCS Membership 2020

Continuous Improvement Framework (CIF)

The CIF provides an evidence-based systematic approach for designing, implementing, monitoring and reporting school improvement. It offers schools a tool for self-review and planning which is consistent across the system and able to be externally validated. 

The CIF is a key area of focus for Principal Consultants’ work with Principals through a range of activities that enhance review and improvement in their schools. This is a futures-focussed framework which is both school-based and student-centred. It supports partnership and capacity building and continues to develop.

The CIF is organised into nine areas which describe the characteristics of high performing, high quality schools: Catholic identity, focussed vision and goals, strong leadership, high expectations of all, high-quality teaching and learning, effective use of data, orderly and safe learning environments, strong home/school/community engagement and effective administration and resourcing.  

We are confident that the CIF will assist schools and the system to focus on quality teaching and learning and supporting schools in identifying areas of strength and areas requiring improvement.

Please visit the CIF website for further information and resources.

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