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We are Catholic Education South Australia - more than 6,000 staff who are caring for more than 46,000 students in 101 Catholic schools.

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To learn more about Catholic Education in South Australia, view our Catholic Schools Magazine.

Founded in rich tradition and strengthened by their ethos, our schools are committed to providing excellent education for students from a broad cross-section of communities.

The Catholic Education Office supports the work of Catholic Schools in South Australia and their communities. We are comprised of a number of teams each committed to providing a cross-section of services ranging from professional services to strategic and practical advice.

We support our schools in their growth and always towards continuous improvement.

We work to assist schools in enriching the lives of students by providing support which promotes the spiritual, physical, emotional social and intellectual well-being of all students. Through partnerships with parents/carers, parishes, governments, and the wider community we strive to provide opportunities for students to make a meaningful contribution to our society.

Our offices are located in Thebarton (which corresponds to the Archdiocese of Adelaide) and Port Pirie (which corresponds to the Diocese of Port Pirie).

CESA is the executive and policy implementation arm of the South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools (SACCS) and its Standing Committees.

Archdiocese of Adelaide Archdiocese of Port Pirie

Our Teachers

The strength of our schools lies in our teachers.

They bring a range of skills, life experiences and values to their classrooms and their students. They are leaders of young people and take very seriously their role in developing them academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

The quality of teaching is extremely important to our parents - that is why we are committed to leadership development among our schools and ensuring we are always at the cutting edge of education. Our teachers are also supported to individually pursue further development in their faith.

Our Logo

The cross makes a distinct connection with the expression of Christian faith and our Catholic identity. It is drawn as a person makes the sign of the cross in prayer and when partaking in a blessing to the community. The logo creates a personal connection with how the faith that is at the centre of Catholic education is symbolised by the cross.

Not only does it connect with the death and resurrection of Jesus, but also with its signing gesture it embraces the Trinity.  It is no longer just a mark but a movement, intertwined and woven into the lives of those who find inspiration in Christ and open their lives to the mystery of God revealed as a Trinitarian relationship of Love.

With the motion there is a currency and vitality. There is also the sense of wrapping, caring and nurturing along with freedom and possibility. The ribbon like quality and form convey a forward motion, outstretched and positive.

Catholic Education SA