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Catholic Education South Australia is committed to providing a quality education in all Catholic schools and recognises the many opportunities that come with teaching and living in regional and rural communities. In order to provide further benefit to a teaching career in the country we offer a range of country teaching incentives.

New Incentive Payment for 2024!

Have you considered teaching in a regional or remote school?

In response to the growing need for teachers in regional and remote schools, Catholic Education South Australia has launched an Additional Country Teaching Incentive for Teaching roles commencing in 2024, covering three schools:

  • St Barbara’s School, Roxby Downs
  • Caritas College, Port Augusta
  • Samaritan College, Whyalla

The incentive will enable successful candidates to access a $20,000 payment (pro-rata based on FTE engagement for two years) in addition to the current country incentives. 

See Positions Vacant for current opportunities.

The program is for teachers employed to commence for the 2024 school year.

In addition to the current country and remote incentives, eligible teachers will receive an ‘Additional Country Incentive’ of $10,000 per year (up to maximum $20,000 for two years and pro-rata based on FTE engagement).

The payment is structured as follows:

  • Payment 1 – $10,000 gross incentive payable at completion of first year
  • Payment 2 – $10,000 gross incentive payable at completion of second year.

 At the end of the two-year period, there may be the opportunity to access a further two-year contract, subject to meeting the proficiencies of AITSL standards. No further additional country incentive applies.

The additional country incentive will be available for all teaching vacancies in the eligible schools for 2024.

Please monitor our positions vacant page for vacancies.

The program is for teachers taking up new positions in 2024.

All regional and remote schools offer a range of country teaching incentives.

Currently, this additional incentive program applies to the three schools experiencing the most recruitment pressure - St Barbara’s School, Roxby Downs; Caritas College, Port Augusta; Samaritan College, Whyalla. Additional schools may meet the criteria in the future.

Please contact Ranel Juanta, Manager - Human Resources and Workforce Planning, should you have further queries regarding the Temporary Additional Country Incentive.

Existing Country Incentives

Incentives for teaching in regional, rural and remote Catholic schools

The Country Teacher Incentives are designed to address the issues of attracting, supporting, developing and retaining teachers in country Catholic Schools. 

Country teaching incentives include:

  • reimbursement of removal costs
  • an establishment grant
  • country teacher scholarships
  • remote allowance (Roxby Downs only)
  • additional non-contact time (0.1 FTE)
  • assistance to return to metropolitan area after 4 years
  • high priority for the Study Incentive Program
  • provision of support through the Early Career Teacher Program
  • induction and formation for Early Career Teachers

This article about the benefits of teaching in regional, rural and remote Catholic schools in South Australia may be of interest to you.

Please download the Country Teaching Incentives brochure below for more information on the wide range of incentives on offer.

Download Country Teaching Incentives 2024

Learn more about teaching in regional SA Catholic schools

Watch the below videos to find out more about the many benefits of teaching in regional, rural and remote Catholic schools in South Australia.

Opportunities abound to advance your teaching career in safe, family friendly regional communities where teachers and their families are embraced in community life.