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Catholic Education South Australia
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Teacher Registration is a pre-requisite for teaching in South Australia.  Our schools are required by law to employ a teacher who is registered by the Teachers Registration Board.

Applying for a Teaching Position

Teachers employed by Catholic schools are employed to the following types of positions:

  • Permanent (part-time or full-time capacity)
  • Temporary (not exceeding 2 years)
  • Replacement
  • Temporary Relief Teachers (TRT) to cover short term absences of teachers.

Teachers will be required to present their Teacher's Registration Certificate as evidence of an acceptable police clearance.  Teachers will also be subject to ongoing police checks at regular intervals throughout their employment through the teacher registration process.

Under our Child Protection practices, it is a requirement that an Applicant Declaration Form be completed and submitted with an application for any position within CESA.

All teachers accepting employment in CESA are required to complete an Induction Module in their first year and within five years of accepting a permanent position, complete four semester-length approved tertiary units in Catholic Studies.  Further information is available from the Religious Education Team.

Responding to Risks of Harm, Abuse and Neglect – Education and Care Training (RRHAN-EC)

All teaching staff are required to complete the Masterclass course: RRHAN-EC and to undertake 3 yearly updates which address the legal requirement of adults working with children and reporting suspected child abuse. This training forms part of the registration requirements for all teaching staff.

RRHAN-EC training is available through plink

New staff are required to have completed a Basic Emergency Life Support Certificate or equivalent either prior to commencement or within six months of commencing employment.  Further details are available through Red Cross or St John's Ambulance.

There are 103 schools in the Catholic sector.  The majority of these are located in the metropolitan area of Adelaide.  20 schools are located in the following country regions: Eyre Peninsula, Yorke Peninsula, Flinders Ranges & Outback, Claire, Riverland and South East.

Only one school is designated as being remote which is St Barbara's at Roxby Downs (a mining town approximately 600 kms north of Adelaide).  The following address will enable you to geographically locate our schools:

The application process for a position in a country school is identical to that for a metropolitan school.

CESA offers incentives to teachers appointed to positions in a Catholic country school which include Removal Incentives, Establishment Grant and Remote Country School (Roxby Downs only).

Support is available to assist teachers who have worked in a country Catholic school for four or more years in SA to return to a metropolitan school after this duration.

New graduates appointed to a country position are provided with an additional 0.1 FTE non-contact time to establish themselves in their teaching career.  The way this is implemented is negotiated with the Principal.

International applicants should contact the Department of Immigration & Multicultural Affairs in relation to obtaining a Visa which enables them to work in South Australia.  Further information is available

Writing an application

When applying for a teaching position in the Catholic Education sector applications are addressed to the Principal of the school to which you are applying and should contain the following three parts:

  • A brief covering letter. This should be 1 page and is not usually counted in the maximum number of pages.
  • A Curriculum Vitae. This should be 2 pages maximum.
  • A statement responding to the selection criteria. This should be 3-4 pages maximum.

For a position in a Catholic school it would be appropriate to include the following referees:

  • Professional referee – usually your current principal
  • Leader of Eucharistic Community (often your Parish Priest or Pastor)
  • Referee of your own choice (choose a trusted colleague who is able to attest to your skills as a teacher and a collaborative team member.)

In most cases the employing principal will contact the current principal first, and this may be the only referee contacted.

For university students: Your professional referees need to be drawn from University lecturers, practicum supervisors and teacher placement mentors.

The onus is on the applicant to prove they meet the selection criteria. This statement is your response to all of the criteria listed in the advertisement and if responding to a Position Information Document, should address the essential criteria and any optional criteria, which will be advantageous to the application.