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Our experiences as educators tells us that you as parents want to be reassured that your child will be in a safe and happy environment where your child will succeed in his or her learning.

What makes a school the right one for me and my family?

There are a number of ways you can research a school to ensure you've chosen one that suits your family and your children. We know that word of mouth or recommendations from others features strongly in parents’ decision making and school choice.  As they get older, it’s also the students who have a voice. You might like to ask others about their experience in a school.

Check out the school's web site to see what is offered or visit the school – either through an appointment or through Open Days and Principal's Tours.  See the school for yourself.

Visit the school either through an appointment or through Open Days and Principals' Tours. See the school for yourself.
Family on a school tour

Transitioning to School

Regardless of the age of your child, moving to a new school community (either for the first time or moving schools) is a time of change, not only for the student but also for your family.

You can be assured that our schools provide transition programs including contact with previous schools or in the case of starting school, liaison with pre-schools.

Transition programs help students understand the day-to-day operation of the school as well as expectations and a smooth pathway to feel welcomed and included in the community. 


Our schools manage their own enrolments, so  we suggest parents/carers contact the school  to find out what is needed to enrol their children. Find out more about Enrolment and Fees.

Some schools accept enrolment applications well ahead of the starting date so it’s wise to begin your search as early as possible. It is important that you visit the school’s web site or phone them directly to be informed of the circumstances at your school of choice.  A number of our schools offer a variety of scholarship options, more information can be found here.

Enrolment and Fees School Directory

Out of School Hours Care

Many of our schools offer Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) making life easier for busy working parents.

Schools listed in your school search will indicate which schools offer OSHC and Vacation Care services.

As a support mechanism we provide advice to OSHC Principals and OSHC Directors regarding National Quality Standards, National Law and Regulations, Directors’ Forums and other resources.

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Children can enjoy various activities, complete their homework and enjoy nutritious snacks.