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Can you attend a Catholic school if you’re not a Catholic?

Yes. Catholic Schools welcome students and families from all backgrounds and faith traditions.

Are all Catholic Schools the same?

No. Some differences between schools include:

  • Type: Coeducational or single sex.
  • Age range: Primary, secondary, or early years to Year 12.
  • Specialty: Schools may offer specialist teaching in specific areas. 
  • Boarding: Some schools offer boarding facilities for regional and rural students.

Is a Catholic education expensive?

Catholic Education aims to provide affordable and accessible education. Fees vary between schools and can be viewed on each school’s website or discussed with the principal. Schools offer significant fee reductions to families during times of financial stress. Schools are always willing to discuss fees with parents and how the school can support families to afford a Catholic education.

All Catholic schools in SA can provide fee remissions to families financially impacted by COVID-19. For Catholic schools governed by the Archdiocese of Adelaide and the Diocese of Pt Pirie, families who have lost significant income due to COVID-19 will receive a total school fee remission effective immediately, initially for a period of 3 months. 

Parents should contact the particular school for more information.

Is religious education compulsory?

All students study religious education. It is taught in ways that are sensitive to religious diversity and respectful of students’ backgrounds.

What values will my child be taught?

Students learn in an environment where Christian values are promoted including social justice, care for the environment and compassion for humanity with the understanding that all human life is sacred and every human being has an innate dignity. This understanding of the human person is at the heart of the values that underpin Catholic education.

What curriculum do Catholic schools follow?

Catholic schools use the Australian Curriculum and cover nine learning areas: religious education, English, mathematics, science, humanities and social sciences, the arts, technologies, health and physical education and languages.

How do I find out more about Catholic schools?

Contact a local school to arrange a tour or attend an open day. Upcoming tour and open day dates are listed below each school on our School Directory.

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