Belonging: My Community

Globalisation: Festivals From Around The World

Engage with Asia

Non-language specific resources

Content Language Integrated Learning

Maximising curriculum time – Dr Gianfranco Conti


Relationships - Understanding

Innovative Approaches in Languages and Cultures Education

Relationships – Celebration

Big Idea: Globalisation

Intercultural Understanding, Indigenous Perspectives, Diversity, Cooperation, People, Responsibility, Respect, Communication, Values, Culture/s

Big Idea: Belonging

My Community (Belonging, Community, Neighbourhood, Environment, Culture/s, Interdependence, Responsibility, Social Change) – Indonesian

Big Idea: Globalisation

Festivals From Around The World (Diversity, Intercultural Understanding, People, Perspectives, Respect, Values, Culture/s)

Big Idea: Engage with Asia

How do we increase students’ engagement with Asia through pedagogical innovation and on-line collaboration

CLIL Teaching Resources

Content Language Integrated Learning

Non-Language Specific

Non-language specific educational websites and tools for online learning and teaching 

Big Idea: Maximising curriculum time – Dr Gianfranco Conti

How can teachers increase students’ memory retention times and maximise the amount of time on task for students of languages?

Big Idea: Relationships

Are there some celebrations that are similar to the ones we have in Australia?

Do people associate specific foods with some festivals / celebrations? ...

Big Idea: Relationships: Understanding, similarity, difference, bilingualism, fluency

How do different languages convey the same meaning in different ways?

How do they evolve differently ...

Big Idea: Innovative Approaches in Languages and Cultures Education

How can student engagement and time-on-task for languages education increase at St Michael’s College?

Big Idea: Relationships

Celebration, values, culture/s, understanding, similarity, difference, appreciation