Inquiry Question

What was it like to live in Medieval times?


ABC Education

Set in 1350, this medieval drama unfolds through a number of village characters telling their stories of life in the middle ages.  

Link: Life in Medieval Europe 


How sophisticated was medical practice in Medieval Europe? In this clip, learn about common forms of diagnosis and cures for ailments in the 14th century. 

Link: Good and bad medicine in Medieval Europe 


What are the essential things you need to survive? Food, water, medicine, shelter, sanitation ... anything else? How do you obtain these basic requirements? How might people living in Medieval Europe have survived if they had no money or land?  

Link: Trading for food in Medieval Europe 


What was life like for common people in Medieval England? Who had the power to control the lives of others? In this clip, learn about the feudal system, which was widespread in Medieval Europe.  

Link: Working for a living in Medieval England 

Ducksters Education Site

This site contains information about life in the Middle Ages and a quiz. There is also a recorded reading of this page. 

Link: Ducksters Education Site

OER Services Western Civilization

Daily life in Middle ages. Compare and contrast the lives of different groups of the population during the Middle Ages. 

Link: OER Services

BBC Hands on History

A Day in The Life... Of A 10-Year-Old in Norman Times  

Link: BBC

Scholastic Medievil Times

Explore the unique lifestyle of medieval castle dwellers though a number of creative activities.

Link: Scholastic