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Inquiry Question

Why is it important to learn about the Holocaust?

Does ‘never again’ really mean never again?



Centre for Holocaust Education

These resources and lesson plans are based on empirical research into the needs of teachers and students. There is also a section for teaching approaches  for meeting the challenges of teaching about the Holocaust.  

Link: Centre for Holocaust Education 

TES Holocaust

There are two resources in this resource: a PowerPoint and a PDF document. The ppt covers Jewish history, background, reasons for persecution, the Nuremberg Laws, propaganda, Kristallnacht, The Warsaw Ghetto, Einsatzgruppen, The Final Solution. The PDF includes activities that cover the above in more depth plus witness accounts and skills activities. 

Link: TES

Penguin Books - The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Study guide

This guide provides discussion prompts and activity ideas that will allow students to not only understand historical facts and issues, but to explore their application in today’s world. 

Link: Penguin Books

Into Film - The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Film guide

This guide is useful for exploring topics including English, Literacy and Citizenship in addition to highlighting themes surrounding historical periods, events and figures and World War Two. 

This resource is free, but it requires creating an account.  

Link: Into Film

Penguin Books - The Diary of a young girl by Anne Frank: Study guide

This guide is organized to help readers understand and reflect on Anne Frank’s diary. Background information and a glossary provide historical context for the years of Anne’s life and are designed to place her diary within the framework of the events taking place during World War II and the Holocaust. 

Link: Penguin Books