Catholic Education South Australia

Inquiry Question

What would students like to see change in their school or community or world?


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations have 17 goals for addressing global challenges, such as poverty, inequality, climate and prosperity by 2030. 

Link: United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Global Problem Solvers: The Series

An animation series following a team of young people embracing technology inspired solutions to global issues, such as access to education or clean water.

Link: Global Problem Solvers

Teacher Notes

Students really care about the issue they want their actions to help address. They might care about social issues in one or more of these areas:  

  • Animal care (e.g. wildlife rescue; wildlife habits; options for when a pet owner can no longer look after his or her pet) 
  • Economy (e.g. rethinking work and enterprise opportunities for young people; giving students opportunties to show their job creator habits while still at school) 
  • Environment (e.g. the use of natural resources; recycling; water pollution) 
  • Education (e.g. reimagining student learning; overcoming barriers to students accessing equipment/ expertise to expand their learning opportunities) 
  • Health (e.g. food choices; activity; wellbeing) 
  • Housing (e.g. homelessness) 

How can students contribute to solving some of these problems or one they have identified themselves?