Big Idea: Communicating
(Year 7)

How do writers think of what to write?

Big Idea: Digital Storytelling

How can I recount and reflect on a day that changed my life?

How can I construct a 3 minute digital story?

Big Idea: Variation and Change of the English Language

What causes a language to change over time? 
Is English one language?  

Big Idea: Persuasion

How are words, visuals, music and sound effects, and body language used to persuade and influence in a variety of multimodal texts? 

Big Idea: Media Codes and Coventions

How do Media Codes and Conventions construct meaning? 

How does media representation affect audience, purpose, the form and the language used? 

Big Idea: Family and Community

How have attitudes, values and perspectives about family and community in Australia changed over time? 

What visual text techniques...

Big Idea: Literary Devices (Year 9)

What literary devices do authors employ  in their writing?  

Big Idea: Page to Stage

How do you convert a Shakespearean play for modern audiences? 

What decisions need to be made in regards to props, costumes, set design, lighting, sound, actors...

Big Idea: Story Telling
(Year 9)

Why do we tell stories?

Big Idea: Dreamtime Stories (Year 10)

How do the Dreamtime stories represent the Indigenous people’s view of the world?

Big Idea: Film Literacy (Year 10)

What conventions do films use to convey meaning to viewers? 

Big Idea: Communicating - Media Literacy

What is news?

Big Idea: The Holocaust

Why is it important to learn about the Holocaust? 

Does ‘never again’ really mean never again? 

Health & Physical Education

Big Idea: Staying Safe Online (Years 7 and 8)

What is private / public information?

How do we stay safe online?

What is grooming?

Big Idea: Being Physically Active Improves Health (Years 7 and 8)

How can physical activity improve my health?

How can a personal fitness...

Big Idea: Food for Health (Years 7 and 8)

What healthy food choices can I make to promote health and wellbeing?

Does food effect my wellbeing?

Big Idea: Connecting With Nature Nurtures Our Wellbeing (Years 7 and 8)

What are the physical, social, emotional and spiritual benefits to being outdoors?

Humanities and Social Sciences

Big Idea: Economic Feasibility

Why is it important for a business owner to conduct a feasibility study prior to establishment?

Big Idea: Technology Driving Change
(Year 9)

What sparked the Industrial Revolution? 

How did the Industrial Revolution change where we live and the way...

Big Idea: Innovations and Futures Thinking

What is a problem worth solving for a social and economic outcome?

Big Idea: Futures and Innovation Thinking

How can you develop an entrepreneurial mindset?

Big Idea: Shares

Why is it important to understand how the share market works?

Big Idea: Business Technology

Why do businesses need to ensure they are aware of emerging business technologies? 

Big Idea: Innovation and Futures Thinking

How does capitalism affect people? 

Big Idea: Geographies of Wellbeing

What makes a country happy and how can it be measured?

What are the most significant factors that contribute to low wellbeing and what strategies...

Big Idea: Populate or Perish

How important was migration to rebuilding post-war Australia? 

How were Australia’s migration policies shaped by war in the 20th century?  

Big Idea: Consumers and Producers

How do you think your choices have affected businesses you have not bought from? 

Big Idea: Consumers and Producers

Why can’t a manufacturing business force all retailers that sell its products to sell at the recommended retail price?

Big Idea: Consumers and Producers

What do you think might have to happen if there was no such thing as money? 

Big Idea: Consumers and Producers

Australia is very involved in trading with other countries. How many items have you bought lately that have come from other countries? What sort of effect do you think these purchases...

Big Idea: Consumers and Producers

In what way do you think the choices you make can affect the Australian economy as a whole? 

Big Idea: Entrepreneurs

What behaviours and skills that entrepreneurs bring to their business? 

What are the personality/qualities a successful entrepreneur...

Big Idea: Entrepreneurial Thinking

Why is it important to constantly create new/re-invent products for consumers? 

Big Idea: King Tutankhamun – a life filled with adventure and tragedy

How was Egypt during the reign of Tutankhamun different to our modern world not only its technology, living standards...

Big Idea: Spanish Conquest of the Americas, Aztecs, ‘The Columbian Exchange’

How did chocolate transition from being a drink offered at ritual sacrifices to the sweet...

Big Idea: Business Structures

Why is it important for a business to select the correct structure prior to establishment? 

Big Idea: Shogunate Japan: Geography and Power

To what extent did the geography of Japan assist the Shoguns rise to power? 

Big Idea: Entrepreneurial thinking

What would students like to see change in their school or community or world? 

Big Idea: The Global Economy

Has the growth of globalisation and the increase of multinational corporations done more harm than good to the Australian economy? 

Big Idea: Australia’s involvement in WWI

What was the significance of World War I for Australia and Australians?
How did Australians respond to war in 1914?
Why did they respond in these ways? 

Big Idea: Popular Culture

What is popular culture? 

What role did the rock 'n' roll music play as a popular culture in post-war Australia? 

Big Idea: The mystery of Narrabeen man

What happened to Narrabeen Man? 

What do you know? 

What do you need to know? 

Big Idea: Legacies of the Ancient Rome

What are the legacies of the Ancient Rome? 

Big Idea: Migration and Changing Demographics

Australia has 23 million people. Where do I fit?  

Big Idea: Waste

Why is plastic harmful to the environment?  

What could people do to produce less trash? 

Big Idea: Life in the Middle Ages (Year 8)

What was it like to live in Medieval times? 

Big Idea: The Black Death (Year 8)

What can be learned from studying the historical effects of pandemics throughout history? 

Big Idea: Refugees

Why do people flee their homes?

What are fundamental human rights?

Big Idea: The Holocaust

Why is it important to learn about the Holocaust?

Does ‘never again’ really mean never again?


Big Idea: Globalisation

Intercultural Understanding, Indigenous Perspectives, Diversity, Cooperation, People, Responsibility, Respect, Communication, Values, Culture/s

Big Idea: Belonging

My Community (Belonging, Community, Neighbourhood, Environment, Culture/s, Interdependence, Responsibility, Social Change) – Indonesian

Big Idea: Globalisation

Festivals From Around The World (Diversity, Intercultural Understanding, People, Perspectives, Respect, Values, Culture/s)

Big Idea: Engage with Asia

How do we increase students’ engagement with Asia through pedagogical innovation and on-line collaboration

CLIL Teaching Resources

Content Language Integrated Learning

Non-Language Specific

Non-language specific educational websites and tools for online learning and teaching 

Big Idea: Maximising curriculum time – Dr Gianfranco Conti

How can teachers increase students’ memory retention times and maximise the amount of time on task for students of languages?

Big Idea: Relationships

Are there some celebrations that are similar to the ones we have in Australia?

Do people associate specific foods with some festivals / celebrations? ...

Big Idea: Relationships: Understanding, similarity, difference, bilingualism, fluency

How do different languages convey the same meaning in different ways?

How do they evolve differently ...

Big Idea: Innovative Approaches in Languages and Cultures Education

How can student engagement and time-on-task for languages education increase at St Michael’s College?

Big Idea: Relationships

Celebration, values, culture/s, understanding, similarity, difference, appreciation


Big Idea: Measurement and Geometry (Year 7)

Concepts of measurement and geometry can be used to solve novel problems 

Big Idea: Statistics and Probability (Year 7)

The middle of a data set can be represented and interpreted in different ways.

Big Idea: Number and Algebra (Year 7)

Understanding of, and fluency in the use of, number facts and relationships, is a key to further understanding of mathematical concepts.

Big Idea: Measurement and Geometry
(Year 8)

Concepts of measurement and geometry can be used to solve novel problems.

Big Idea: Number and Algebra (Year 8)

Patterns can be used to explain relationships between variables. 

Big Idea: Statistics and Probability (Year 8)

Outliers and sampling methods impact on measures of the middle of data.

Big Idea: Number and Algebra (Year 9)

When knowing the coordinates of two points, the distance between them, their midpoint, and the equation of the line can be calculated and used to solve problems. 

Big Idea: Measurement and Geometry (Year 9)

Concepts of measurement and geometry can be used to solve novel problems.

Big Idea: Statistics and Probability (Year 9)

Data can be displayed in a variety of ways and making sense of the middle of that data can allow us to make inferences. 

Big Idea: Quadratics
(Year 10)

The theory of quadratics allows us to solve maximisation/minimisation

Big Idea: Statistics and Probability (Year 10)

Events that occur over time can be graphed and used to inform decisions.

Data can be grouped.... 

Big Idea: Measurement and Geometry (Year 10)

Concepts of measurement and geometry can be used to solve novel problems. 

Big Idea: Number and Algebra (Year 10)

Situations can be modelled using linear equations, and systems of these equations can be used to inform decision making. 

Big Idea: Number and Algebra (Years 7-10)

How can we transfer our understanding of number and algebraic concepts through Christmas inquiry tasks?

Big Idea: Measurement and Geometry (Years 7-10)

How can we transfer our understanding of measurement and geometric reasoning through solving Christmas inquiry tasks?

Religious Education

General Resources for Advent and Christmas

This is a collection of resources for use during Advent and Lent. 

Audience: Families, Classroom, Teacher

The Christ Child: A Nativity Story

Audience: Teacher, Families, 3-6, 7-10

Infancy Narrative Commentaries: Gospel of Luke, Gospel of Matthew

Range of commentaries on the Infancy Narratives in the Gospels of Luke and Matthew

Jesse Tree Bible Stories

A collection of sites with Jesse Tree resources to use during Advent

Resourcing the Religious Education Learning Area

Audience: Teachers

Principles and checklists for the selection of appropriate and quality resources for Religious Education in a Catholic school.

Sample Units for Online R.E. Learning

Audience: Teachers

Catholic Education South Australia has created sample R.E. units for online learning based on the draft New Crossways R.E. Curriculum.

Brisbane Catholic Education

Audience: Teachers

This quality website from Brisbane Catholic Education offers a range of resources for planning R.E. curriculum.


Audience: Families, Students and Teachers

This website offers a multitude of resources for Religious Education with a focus on social justice and Catholic Social Teaching.

Catholic Education Melbourne - REsource

Audience: Teachers

Curriculum and prayer resources that align nicely with the new CESA Crossways 5 Knowledge Strands.

Teaching Judaism

Audience: Teachers, Students, Families

This website offers information and resources to teach Judaism.

Bible Gateway

Audience: Students, Teachers

Bible Gateway has a variety of online Bible translations.

AC+ (Australian Catholics)

Audience: Families, Students and Teachers

This is an online collection of articles and digital resources for Religious education and prayer from the Australian Catholics magazine published by Jesuit Communications.

Loyola Press

Catholic resources to support prayer and the seasons of the Church year.

Visible Thinking

Visible Thinking routines and explanations.  

Busted Halo

Media resources to help people understand the Catholic faith. 

Questions for 3 Worlds of the Text

Questions for 3 Worlds of the Text with Scripture.  

Scripture for Teachers

This website provides commentaries for several Scriptural passages aligned to the Three Worlds of the Text method of interpreting Scripture. 

The Bible Project

This is an animation studio that produces short-form, fully animated Bible videos and other Bible resources.

Worlds of the Text

This is the direct link to the 3 Worlds of the Text commentaries for use with Scripture on the Brisbane Catholic Education site. 


Range of resources to inform teaching and learning of Integral Ecology. 

Catholic Social Teaching

Catholic Social Teaching resource – from the UK.

Michael Fallon Biblical Commentaries

Biblical Commentaries from MSC priest and scripture scholar Fr Michael Fallon.

Religion and Spirituality

The ABC has produced four podcasts on Religion and Spirituality: Compass, God Forbid, Religion and Ethics Report and Soul Search. 


Big Idea: Water
(Year 7)

Water is a resource that is both abundant and scarce. 

Big Idea: Sustainability (Year 7)

The Earth is fragile and humans have a pivotal role to play in its future. 

Big Idea: Waste
(Year 7)

Waste contributes to the loss and vulnerability of Earth’s resources 

Big Idea: Earth Sciences (Year 8)

Matter cycles through systems.

Big Idea: Energy
(Year 8)

Energy gets work done and can transform from one form to another 

Big Idea: Systems
(Year 9)

Systems are the interrelationship of different parts and operate in various ways 

Big Idea: Geological Activity (Year 9)

Plate tectonics contribute to geological activity and continental movement

Big Idea: Science as a Human Endeavour (Year 10)

Scientific understanding, including models and theories, is contestable and is refined over time through a process of review by the scientific community 

Big Idea: Heredity and Evolution (Year 10)

Heritable characteristics are passed down from generation to generation, through genes in DNA.


Big Idea: Interactions and Impacts

How can we interact online using safe practices?

How can we use project management techniques to work collaboratively on a project?

Big Idea: Digital Systems

How do various systems use networks to connect, securely?

Big Idea: Digital Solutions

How can we design and build a computer game or app?

How can we design and build programs that manipulate robotics and microcontrollers?

Big Idea: Data

How can we collect, sort and visualise data in meaningful ways to solve a problem?

How do computers represent data?

Big Idea: Product Development and Design Challenge

Nationwide every year thousands of students end up with injuries due to heavy backpacks. How might we redesign school backpacks for better support....

Big Idea: Sustainability

How might we redesign a public space to be more environmentally sustainable?

STEM Challenges and Competitions

The Australian STEM Video Game Challenge, Oliphant Science Awards, Global Cardboard Challenge, Minecraft Education Classroom Build Challenges, Commissioner’s Digital Challenge: Learn to Speak Robot and more...

The Arts

Big Idea: Choreographing Dance to Respond to a Social or Global Issue (Years 7 and 8)

How can dance provide insight into a social issue?

Big Idea: The Role of Art in Representing Australian History (Years 7 and 8)

How do artists use their art to present alternative perspectives of constructed historical narratives?

Big Idea: Creating and Sharing Music Remotely (Years 7 and 8)

How do musicians use technology to collaborate remotely?

Big Idea: Using and Applying Visual Language and Conventions of Photography to Represent Ideas (Years 7 to 10)

Big Idea: Art Making is Informed by Context and Culture (Years 7 to 10)

How do artists’ context and culture impact on their art-making?

Big Idea: Exploring Christmas Songs

What are the histories of famous Christmas songs (such as “Jingle Bells”)? 

What styles of music and lyrical content are appropriate for a Christmas song?

Year 7 to Year 10 Learning Resources

Select a subject to view curriculum ideas with links to related Learning Resources.
Additional ideas and resources will be added here as they are developed.

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