Catholic Education South Australia


Teachers within Catholic Education South Australia can also access a range of resources from the Department of Education by logging in to their Plink account at: using their school email address. Teachers are responsible for reading and agreeing to the user agreement for each resource.

The following PLINK units may be helpful for teachers planning for online learning:


Year 5 Design and Technologies 

  • Unit 1: Marvellous moving machines 
  • Unit 2: How does your garden grow? 
  • Unit 3: Plastic-free parties: Promotion 
  • Unit 4: Plastic-free parties: Product 


Year 6 Design and Technologies 

  • Unit 1: Hey there, sparky 
  • Unit 2: From farm to family 
  • Unit 3 & 4: Animal advocacy: textile design 


Year 5 Digital Technologies  

  • Unit 1: Get the message? Sending and receiving in smart systems 
  • Unit 2: Bits and bytes 
  • Unit 3: Screen beans, tweens and teens 
  • Unit 4: Game on! 


Year 6 Digital Technologies  

  • Unit 1: Smarter, better, faster, stronger! 
  • Unit 2: Mountains of data 
  • Unit 3: Hit snooze 
  • Unit 4: Sleep solutions