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Inquiry Question

How might we engineer a tree top obstacle course?


ABC Education

Have you ever done an obstacle course in the treetops? After you've watched this clip, design and draw your own treetop obstacle course. What sort of obstacles will you include? How will they be built? Use your imagination and come up with a super-fun challenge!

Link: Design a treetop obstacle course

What is Engineering?

This video is intended to attract students to the engineering profession but should entertain anyone interested in engineering.

Link: University of Newcastle YouTube clip - What is Engineering?

Exploratorium Tinkering Studio

The Exploratorium Tinkering Studio website identifies different attachment techniques used in model making.

Link: Exploratorium Tinkering Studio

Discover Design

This challenge seeks to find exciting proposals to transform neglected parts of urban areas/cities into interactive landscapes, encouraging public engagement, community involvement, and sustainable adaptive reuse.

Link: Discover Design: CIRT Challenge - Design a Playground or Playscape

The Engineering Process

YouTube Clip ‘The Engineering Process: Crash Course Kids #12.2’ helps learners unpack the engineering design process and how to apply each phase to their inquiry. 

Link: YouTube Clip