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Year 3 Algebraic Reasoning

Year 3 Measurement Concepts

Year 4 Measurement Concepts

Year 4 Algebraic Reasoning

Year 5 Measurement Concepts

Year 5 Algebraic Reasoning

Year 6 Measurement Concepts

Year 6 Algebraic Reasoning

Exploring Data Analysis

Year 3-4 Exploring Data Analysis

Years 5-6 Exploring Data Analysis

3-6 Number Algebraic Reasoning

3-6 Measurement and Geometry

Big Idea: Algebraic Reasoning (Year 3)

How might addition, subtraction and multiplication be used to explore and create patterns?

Big Idea: Measurement Concepts (Year 3)

How might we use linear measurement in our world? 

Big Idea: Measurement Concepts (Year 4)

How might we use perimeter and area in our daily lives? 

Big Idea: Algebraic Reasoning (Year 4)

How might I explain how patterns grow? 

Big Idea: Measurement Concepts (Year 5)

Why is area and perimeter an important part of measurement? 

Big Idea: Algebraic Reasoning (Year 5)

How might we solve problems using our knowledge of patterns and algebraic thinking?

Big Idea: Measurement Concepts (Year 6)

How can we use our knowledge of area and perimeter to design spaces? 

Big Idea: Algebraic Reasoning (Year 6)

How might we use generalisations to explore algebraic rules? 

Big Idea: Exploring Data Analysis (Years 3 and 4)

How does representing data in different ways allow us to make sense of our world?

Big Idea: Exploring Data Analysis (Years 5-6)

How might we use data analysis to make informed decisions?

Big Idea: Number and Algebraic Reasoning (Years 3-6)

How can we explore number and algebraic reasoning through the theme of Christmas?

Big Idea: Measurement and Geometry (Years 3-6)

How can we explore measurement and geometric reasoning through the theme of Christmas?