Inquiry Question

How do bushfires impact people and places?


Geography Teachers Association- Primary Bushfires

A fact sheet including information about bushfires; the conditions under which they occur, factors affecting the spread of bushfires, the causes of bushfires and much more.  The information contained is easy to access, and includes facts, diagrams and images.

Link: Primary Bushfires

Primary Geography Alive-Bushfire Hazards in Australia

In this unit, students explore the impact bushfires have on Australian people, places and environments and propose ways people can reduce the impact of bushfires in the future.

Link: Primary Geography Live

Bushfire Education

This Upper Primary School bushfires education module is designed to support the learning needs of students in grades 4 to 6, and is aligned to Victorian Curriculum levels 5 and 6.  The bushfires education module is structured around the four themes of 'Learning about bushfires', 'Preparing for bushfire', 'Responding to bushfires', and 'Recovering from bushfires'. Each theme is explored through downloadable, individual lessons.

Link: Bushfire Education