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Catholic Education South Australia

Inquiry Questions

What is the difference between celebration and commemoration?
Does Australia Day have a significance for all Australians? Is it a celebration or a commemoration?
What is Harmony Day and why is it significant?
What are the symbols and emblems associated with Anzac Day?
How and why are Indigenous events celebrated and /or commemorated?


History in the Making

This teaching and learning sequence assists teachers in modelling the inquiry process with a focus on Australian Celebrations and Commemorations.

Link: Commemorations and Celebrations

Anzac Portal

Education specialists and historians who work at the Australian Government Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) have prepared these materials to present the stories and images of people who have served Australia.

Link: Best resources for Anzac Day in primary schools

ABC Education

What different celebrations are observed in Australia? This resource uses videos available from ABC Education website.  It provides great interactive activities and ideas for teachers and parents.

Link: Holi – A Festival of Colour

Link: What is Ramadan?

Link: Meaning of Easter and Christmas