Catholic Education South Australia

Inquiry Questions

What are the different ways I can perform movement sequences?

How can I use skills in movement sequences to complete a task or challenge?

How can I contribute to decision making and fair play when playing sport?


Teacher Notes

The curriculum in Years 3 and 4 builds on previous learning in movement to help students develop greater proficiency across the range of fundamental movement skills. Students combine movements to create more complicated movement patterns and sequences. Through participation in a variety of physical activities, students further develop their knowledge about movement and how the body moves. They do this as they explore the features of activities that meet their needs and interests and learn about the benefits of regular physical activity.  The Year 3 and 4 curriculum also gives students opportunities to develop through movement personal and social skills such as leadership, communication, collaboration, problem-solving, persistence and decision-making.

Week 1 Lesson Plans

SACPSSA & ACHPER: Health and Physical Education-Home Learning Lesson Plans.

SACPSSA and ACHPER have collaborated to deliver a combined series of lesson plans that include warm-ups, fitness activities and games to develop movement skills, collaboration, problem solving and decision making.  There are links to supporting resources and notes for parents giving tips about how to modify activities, question and support learning as well as reminders about key teaching points to support skill development for students learning at home.

Download Week 1 3_4 HPE Home Learning ACHPER SACPSSA