Catholic Education South Australia

Inquiry Question

What types of literary devices are used in poetry and to what effect?
What type of poetry do I enjoy?


Resource 1  

Literacy Ideas: How to write poetry: a complete guide for students and teachers 

Resource 2 

We are Teachers: 30 poetry games and activities for kids 

Resource 3 

Read it Write it Learn it: Interactive Poetry Activities 

Resource 4 

Teaching Ideas: The night before Christmas 

This resource includes teaching ideas for English, Science, Arts, HASS and Design Technology 

Resource 5 

Literacy Devices. Definition and Examples of Literary Terms 

This resource includes a comprehensive list of literary devices.



Actions taken to enable students with disability to access and participate in education on the same basis as other students.  

Link: NCCD  

Demonstration & Modelling

Using Assistive Technology 

  • Make sure student has audio on so they can hear the text being read aloud 

  • Point out that students can click the replay button to listen and view as often as they need to 

  • Allow students to check understanding via Teams (or other mode) "chat" with teacher or ESO.