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Catholic Education South Australia

A Crossways Companion Document which provides principles and checklists for the selection of appropriate and quality resources for Religious Education in a Catholic school.


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This CESA document explores how learning in Religious Education can be authentically supported by resources. The document provides principles, reflective questions and checklists to aid the discerning selection and use of human, digital, print, audio, visual and multi-modal artefacts and resources. The document aims to support each school’s responsibility for ensuring that a range of contemporary, pedagogically sound and age-appropriate resources are readily accessible for each class, which are faithful to the Catholic Tradition and that provide ongoing access to the richness of the Tradition.

Teacher Notes

Connection to Redesigned Crossways Knowledge Strands:

  • All Knowledge Strands


Connection to Redesigned Crossways Wisdom Strand:

  • Interpretation and seeking truth
  • Dialogue and respect

Connection with CESA Key Capabilities Continua

  • Spiritually aware and inspired by faith.
  • Confident and careful users and creators of ICTs