Catholic resources to support prayer and the seasons of the Church year.


Families, Students and Teachers


This website has a ‘Children’s Stations of the Cross’ video (suitable for years 4 and up). The ‘Three-minute Retreat’ (across the bottom panel) is fabulous and would be a wonderful prayer resource for staff and older students, the retreat changes every day. This website also contains resources for Liturgical seasons eg: Lent and Easter and Saints.

The ‘Family Resources’ could also be helpful for families who want to pray together at home.


Teacher Notes

Connection to Redesigned Crossways Knowledge Strands:

  • God, Us and Faith 
  • Sacramentality and Prayer 
  • Sacred Texts 
  • Moral Life 
  • Church for the World 

Connection to Redesigned Crossways Wisdom Strand

  • Interpretation and seeking truth 

Connection with CESA Key Capabilities Continua:

  • Spiritually aware and inspired by faith